10 Best Midi Keyboards review 2020

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Now we have picked some of the 10 Best MIDI keyboards recommended for you.

Are you tired of carrying a large keyboard around just to produce your own music? In such a situation, a MIDI keyboard is the best alternative. It is an electronic musical keyboard with both sliders and wheels.

With keys, buttons, and sliders it allows players to produce sounds. It is one of the best musical instruments in the market but purchasing it can be quite difficult.

It appears to be simple but it has countless features and buying one among others can prove to be a hassle. Thus, to avoid this hassle, we have picked some of the best MIDI keyboards for you.

Following are 10 most midi keyboard in 2019 :

1.Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII

Whether you are a studio producer or a mobile performer, Mini MKII allows you to take control of your music production in different exciting ways.

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In addition, it is not only compact but offers you 25 mini keys which are synth-action and velocity-sensitive. This small midi keyboard contains quite soft keys through which the player feels comfortable while pressing.

All keys are arranged in a proper way so that it will be no problem for the player. If the player wanted to make new music then through this keyboard it would be easy to learn new tones.

The reason is that it also contains all the features for exploring your musical ideas. It is also giving complete portability to users. They are able to use it anywhere they wanted.

In Akai midi keyboard it is extremely easy to upgrade software. There are also 8 MPC pads with repeat notes. Its weight is also too much light.


  • It is the best portable keyboard
  • It offers productive 4-way thumbstick
  • Moreover, it is durable and lightweight


  • It might not appear stylish to some people

2.Alesis V49 | 49-Key Best MIDI Keyboards

Alesis V49 is an intuitive and powerful MIDI controller that enables you to control your music software with buttons, knobs, and pads.

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Using 49 full-size buttons and keys, you can expand the instrument to its full melodic range.

Moreover, you can also play a variety of melodies, chords, and bass lines. Eight backlit pads also allow you to initiate finger drum or launch clips with an exceptional response.

This is the best design of the portable keyboard. This Akai midi keyboard is used by many musicians. One of the ideal features is that its weight is too light.

That’s why it is easy to handle for the musicians. The stylish look of Akai midi keyboard makes it more attractive. There are about 8 velocities and pressure-sensitive backlit pads for creating unique beats.

There is some octave up and down buttons that will give the user to have complete access to all keys. In Akai midi keyboard it is easy to install premium software like ProTools and many more. It is one of the best MIDI keyboards available in the market.


  • Various controls with a stylish finish
  • A wide range of music controlling components
  • Parameters can be tweaked


  • This DJ keyboard is not compact

3.Novation Launchkey 49 mk2

Novation Launchkey 49 MKII is a simple and easy keyboard controller. This synth-style keyboard is not only fast but it also efficient. It is velocity-sensitive which enables you to create expressive performances.

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In addition to it, you can choose among the music variations in accordance with your practicality. It has sixteen pads that allow you to enhance your music by triggering samples and launching clips.

You can even control FX using these pads. This keyboard is easy to use for the new musicians. Through this Akai midi keyboard, it will be quite easy for the user to create unique music.

All keys of this best midi keyboard are arranged according to the choice of user. This keyboard is also light in weight with proper controls. It is quite easy for the user to choose between different notes in an effective way.

The design of this keyboard is classical for the musician. The battery timing of this portable keyboard is perfect. there are about 16 RGB pads. This Akai midi keyboard also able to control DAW software.


  • Velocity-sensitive controls
  • It integrates instantaneously with Ableton Live.
  • It offers different variations of music


  • Beginners might not be able to use this MIDI keyboard
  • It is not compact and players might face difficulty in carrying it around

4.Nektar IMPACT LX25+ midi keyboards

Impact LX25+ is one of the best MIDI keyboards that you can find to enhance your creativity. It is portable and compact while being packed with expressive and intelligent performance controls.

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It is even capable of automatically hooking up to DAW. Moreover, its durability is enhanced with its style because its keys are covered for protection against dust and dirt.

These qualities make it one of the best MIDI keyboards. According to style, this keyboard is one of the most classical Akai midi keyboards.

The size of this keyboard is small that makes it more easy to handle. There are also only eight hypersensitive backlit pads for improving music performance.

In this Akai Midi keyboard, the musician is able to install new software easily. The keys of this best midi keyboard are smooth. That will give the user a soft feeling while playing.

All controls of this keyboard are extremely efficient that will help the musician to create ideal music. It also contains Bitwig 8-Track DAW software. All of these features of this Akai midi keyboard makes it more special than others.


  • It has suitable and exceptional dynamics
  • Transpose and octave buttons are in reach
  • Shifting between the keyboard and other components is fast and easy


  • It doesn’t mimic the full-blown piano
  • Although it is compact, it might not seem to be stylish to some players

5.M-Audio Oxygen 49 IV

With an array of faders, pads, and knobs, Oxygen 49 is capable of offering you control over your music. Having a prominent place in the best MIDI keyboards, it enables you to be engaged in your workflow of mixing and recording music.

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It has dedicated tracking buttons and transport controls that enable you to record, stop, and play in the DAW environment.

Moreover, it has customizable presets which interface Oxygen 49 with your virtual instruments and plugins.

The design of the Akai midi keyboard is extremely attractive due to its keys arrangement.

This keyboard is also light in weight so it will be extremely easy to handle. The weight of this keyboard is also very light. There is a lot of bundled software can be used on this keyboard. It is impossible to control any hardware directly.

This Akai midi keyboard is perfect compatibility with different Microsoft windows. All controls of these keyboards are quite easy to handle for the user. The Akai midi keyboard always came with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Setting up a controller using your software cannot be easier than this.
  • It offers a broad range of connectivity options
  • It also supports Ableton Live Lite for instant creation of music


  • It doesn’t support a variety of music control

6.Alesis VI25 MIDI keyboards

Alesis V125 has the sixth place among the best MIDI keyboards. It is an advanced MIDI/USB keyboard using which you can control buttons, knobs, and pads to create innovative music.

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Just a USB connection with your PC or Mac offers both MIDI functionality and power. It enables you to plug into your computer and begin making music.

This is also one of the most advanced Akai midi keyboards. The best part is that there are about 16 hypersensitive backlit pads on the keyboard. As its name suggests that there are about 25 full-size keys are located on the Akai midi keyboard.

The musician is able to manipulate plugins through just hand on controls. With this portable midi keyboard, it is extremely easy to apply filters.

The pitch and modulation can be adjusted easily for providing creative controls. This Akai midi keyboard also contains production software. There are also 24 adjustable buttons.


  • Actually, it is very simple to use
  • It is quite stylish with LED lights illuminating knobs
  • It can be implemented in any environment


  • It might take time to set-up
  • Beginners might not be able to understand it

7.Akai Professional MPK225

You can experience an expansion in your control over effect collection and VST instrument with MPK249 Akai MIDI keyboard. It comes with 49 full-size keys and a piano-style keyboard for a natural feel.

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This Akai midi keyboard is one of the most stylish from all. The reason is that it also contains one display window.

The size of this keyboard is slimmer than others. There are about 8 assignable control knobs for a better voice.

All keys of this portable midi keyboards are arranged in a perfect manner for the ease of the user.

There is also the proper option of dynamic playing, and there are also sustainable pedal jacks. Through the help of this Akai Midi keyboard, the musician is able to create unique music.


  • It enables seamless production of music
  • This small MIDI keyboard offers 16 levels


  • It is not for beginners

8.Roland 32-key MIDI Keyboard Controller (A-300PRO-R)

If you need keyboard controllers which you can use on-stage, in the studio, or anywhere else, you should try A-300PRO. It is one of the best MIDI controllers.

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Additionally, it has a feel and features you require for getting the most out of your productions and performances. The best features are that this keyboard may come with 32, 49 and 61 keys.

There are about 32 velocity-sensitive keys. The size of this Akai midi keyboard is extremely perfect for handling. There is also no need for AC adaptor for supplying power.


  • Both affordable and durable
  • Additionally, it suits all environments


  • Players might face difficulty in carrying it around

9.Arturia MiniLab MkII 25 Slim-Key Controller

We can rightfully say that MiniLab MkII is one of the best MIDI keyboards. It is a hybrid synth that is enough to speak volumes for it.

Moreover, it offers mod touch strips and ergonomic pitch.

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This Arturia midi keyboard is one of the most attractive keyboards due to its lighting feature. These lights will be changed according to the music.

All keys of this keyboard are arranged in a perfect way for the musicians. Through this keyboard, the musician is able to create new tones.

The size of this keyboard is extremely small, and that is one of the reasons why it is a portable design. It also contains many production software and compactable with different windows.


  • This best portable keyboard offers hybrid functionality
  • It offers customizable RGB pads


  • Limited keys and functions

10.M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 MK3

Mini 32 MK3 is the last one in the best MIDI keyboards. Using MK3, minimizing complications while maximizing creativity is quite easy. After all, it is quite simplistic in nature and it even supports iOS connectivity.

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This midi keyboard is extremely easy to plug and play with the PC and Mac. There is no requirement of any power supply. Through this, it will be extremely easy to install production software.

This is also known as a tiny portable midi keyboard. Through this, it is extremely easy to compose new music in an efficient way.


  • Very simple to use
  • Fully assignable octave buttons
  • It also has a sustain button for piano sustain


  • A limited number of pads
  • Thus, limited FX controls


Hence, this sums up the list of best MIDI keyboards. In this list, we have provided you with a variety of keyboards with different controls and functions.

You can read this list and choose the best portable MIDI keyboard according to your requirements.

Personally, we would say that all of these MIDI keyboards have their own unique benefits. Now, it is up to you to explore them and select the MIDI keyboard which you are convenient to use.

Although it is true that some keyboards have a large number of controls but the cost also varies among these keyboards.

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