Which the Musical Instrument were you born to play?

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Knowing how to play a musical instrument is a great help. It contributes to the stability of one’s emotional and mental states of being.

Not only does it help you express your thoughts and feelings, but it also boosts your musical and creative skills.

Why should you play musical instruments?

Here are a few benefits you get when you play a musical instrument

1. Relieves stress

 Playing any musical instrument lowers down your stress levels. It releases endorphin, oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin which are all happy hormones. It gives you a great amount of relaxation which affects your mind and body. 

2. It makes you smarter

 Studies revealed that there is a relationship between musical development and academic success.

The brain is developed and is stimulated when one is playing a musical instrument.

The same thing is happening when one is developing his memory and reasoning skills. 

3. It improves social life

 When you know how to play a musical instrument, it goes without saying that you are most likely to befriended by people in a crowd.

This ability helps you to connect with people and build more networks.

Most importantly, being with people in a community helps you boost your leadership and social skills. 

4. It gives you a sense of achievement

We don’t perfect playing any musical instrument the first time. It takes a lot of practice before perfecting it. And achieving this perfection gives you a sense of achievement. 

5. Builds your confidence

 Being able to perform in front of an audience successfully gives you an ultimate sense of pleasure and contentment. Most musical players started as shy and timid.

However, due to constant practice and exposure, they can boost their self-confidence. 

You may now know the benefits of playing a musical instrument, but you are still quite not sure what instrument is ideal for you.

Knowing what your personality and your preferences can help you a lot in identifying which musical instrument you would play. 

Read the following musical instrument and try to match them with your personality type. It is only then you would know which instrument you are born to play!

This is a list of musical instrument that matches your personality.


Bassoon Musical Instrument

You enjoy being in a crowd. When people judge you or laugh at you, you do not take it seriously. You just laugh with them, too!


trumpet Musical Instrument
  •  If you have a sense of patriotism, but not to the extent of dying for your county.
  • You simply show and give importance to what matters for your land.
  • If you dislike being with people who put down their own culture and nation.
  • You appreciate being with people who promote and preserve cultural awareness and a sense of patriotism.


Bagpipes Musical Instrument
  • You are a very emotional person.
  • You tend to cry easily over movies, stories, and heartbreaks. However, despite being too emotional, you always show your brave side.
  • You stand stronger and taller every after your fall. 


Oboe Musical Instrument
  • You are highly self-motivated and your sense of independence is high.
  • If you may have grown in a broken family and dislikes being in a company.
  • You have a high love for yourself. 

5.English Horn

English Horn Musical Instrument
  •  You are a nature lover.
  • You enjoy being part of nature.

Playing this musical instrument in the middle of the forest or the sea or on top of the mountain gives you a real sense of being.


Harmonica Musical Instrument
  • You are the type of person who does not go out too much.
  • If you are a person who has no vices, at all.
  • You dislike smoking, drinking, smoking pots, etc.

People sometimes call you “The Saint” of the group for your great sense of nobility. 


saxophone Musical Instrument
  • Just like the sound of a saxophone, you are a very romantic person.
  • You always love surprising your special someone with gifts and.
  • You always make them feel loved and secured by always being there for them.

When you love someone, you tend to be selfless. You always put others first before you. 

8.Violin (soloist)

Violin Musical Instrument
  •  If you are an only child and if you are used to being alone, this musical instrument is the best for you.
  • You always want to be away from the crowd.

It is not because you do not like other people. It is because you enjoy being with yourself more than being with others. This is where you shine – on being yourself!


Piano Musical Instrument
  •  You are the epitome of the word responsible. Just like the fingers being responsible for hitting the right key to achieve the right note, you are the responsible member who keeps everything in place.
  • You always make sure that the tasks for the day are done within the day.
  • You always double-check your work, making sure that you do them right.

If this sounds familiar to you, this instrument may be the right one for you!

10.Electric Guitar

  • You are the joker of the group; the life of the party.
  • You enjoy being the center of everyone’s attention.
  • You also get to joke around and keep everyone smiling with your antics.

Your liveliness and enthusiasm are what people love most about you. 

11.Acoustic Guitar 

  • You are sensitive and reserved.
  • You easily get hurt with what people say and think about you.
  • With this attitude, you tend to be aloof and distant from the people whom you think are a threat to yourself.

However, once you know the notes and the tune, you get comfortable playing with it. Just like playing guitar, once you get to know the people that surround you, you also get comfortable and trust them enough.


  • You are always on the move.
  • If you like your energy to be released at all times!
  • You like dancing and traveling and exploring people and places.
  • And if you do not like sedentary work since you easily get bored by being in once place and in one position.
  • You enjoy being always on the go. 

Now that you know which musical instrument fits your personality, grab one and play! It is never too late to learn a musical instrument!

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