The Best 5 Acoustic Bass Guitars for Hang Out 2020

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Did you know about Acoustic bass guitars? Yes, It would not be surprising to know that you are also a guitar-enthusiast! The guitar is a musical instrument that is loved by countless people around the world.

Among many other musical instruments, it has its own place because of both its style and sound.

Furthermore, there are several ways of playing it and other sounds can also be combined with it. It means that a player can enrich its sound as well.

What is an AcousticGuitar bass?

Acoustic bass guitars are a variation of normal acoustic guitars. It specializes in producing deep bass sounds.

Whether you are going to hang out with your friends around a campfire or you are just going to spend your whole night alone, a great music instrument is quiet important and handy to make your moment become memorable.

A great acoustic bass guitar would undoubtedly able to develop your musical skill.

However, when it comes the time to choose the best acoustic bass guitar for accompanying you in making expressing your music inspiration.

There are many things that you need to consider before finally choosing the most suitable acoustic bass guitar which will able you to play the tone comfortably.

If you are experiencing that type of condition, then you are visiting a perfect site.

Here, in this article, we will provide you with a complete overview of the best acoustic bass guitar, along with the essential characteristics that you need to look for.

Type of Acoustic Bass Guitars That You Should Get

So, before we explore the specific ones, the first thing that we have to discuss here is definitely the basic terms.

When you are roaming around in your way to get a perfect acoustic bass guitar, you might find a number of different choices in acoustic bass guitar styles that might able to make you confuse.

Thus, you would need to understand properly the basic essential terms in purchasing an acoustic bass guitar.

How to choose acoustic bass guitar appropriately?

The first thing to be considered is that choosing between a nylon string “conventional” guitar and a steel-string would be on the list of the decisions that you have to make during this process of buying a great acoustic bass guitar.

An acoustic bass guitar which completed with steel strings might be a picture that you get when you think of an acoustic bass guitar.

A conventional acoustic bass guitar is quite different in its design, as well as its body shape.

The conventional acoustic bass guitars are mostly designed with a rounded shoulder along with its curved bottoms as well.

Other than its different appearance, the major diverse between a conventional acoustic bass guitar and a steel strings bass guitar is definitely the sound produced by these two types of guitars.

For this reason, choosing a conventional acoustic bass guitar versus a steel-string type of acoustic bass guitar would be totally grounded on which type of music that you would love to play with.

For your information, steel-string acoustic bass guitars would support you in playing the types of music such as blues, rock, folk, bluegrass, country, and some other modern types of music.

Well, to get the help you out in choosing the suitable acoustic bass guitar, here are the five best acoustic bass guitars:

1.Taylor GS Mini-e Acoustic-Electric Bass Natural

Taylor GS Mini-e Acoustic Bass guitar is quite fun to play. It is compact and comfortable to position and plays.

In addition, you can enjoy a punchy tone directly with a lot of resonance due to its spruce-topped Sapele body.

This bass is optimized by nylon-core D’Addario strings. If you think about its size, its projection level is astonishing.

The ES-B pickup of Taylor makes sure that it produces top-notch sound when you utilize the GS Mino-e into your amplifier.

This acoustic-bass guitar proves to be the best for performing, recording, and writing.

Nylon cores are supported by these strings which are overwound with the bronze wire coated with phosphor. There is no doubt that they produce incredible sound. Try them and bask in the warmth of bass produced by it.


  • Scaled-down GS acoustic-electric bass guitar which produces a big sound
  • 23-1/2 inch of its scale length assures for your comfortability during your playing session
  • Spruce-toped Sapele body produces a direct effective tone along with numbers of resonance
  • Custom nylon-core D’Addario strings to make the most of its bass’ sound
  • Dual-prong bridge pins which deliver secure string attaching and make the best performance
  • ES-B pickup which makes sure for the top-notch plugged-in tone


  • Acoustic-electric guitar with a booming sound
  • The length of the guitar is playable and comfortable
  • ES-B pickup ensures that peak tone is produced
  • In addition, its strings optimize the sound of the bass


  • Some players might prefer full-size guitars

2.Kala Wanderer U-Bass – Mahogany

This amazing acoustic-bass guitar gets its name for its compact size.

Moreover, this affordable guitar offers a similar booming sound like other U-basses in the line.

It seems to feature a mahogany body that offers a full, rich tone which sounds like a full double bass guitar.

And considering the fact that this small bass guitar utilizes traditional bass tuning, there is no learning curve if you have experience with a standard bass guitar.

The surprising thing is that it can easily fit into small spaces. For instance, you can carry it around in the backseat of your car or in the overhead compartments of planes and trains.

The U-Bass seems to come with polyurethane strings. These large-diameter and lightweight strings offer low-frequency oomph.

They also resonate with a rich, deep, wooden quality that reminds of an upright sound. In addition, they feel comfortable under your fingers.


  • An excellent and huge sounding acoustic-electric bass guitar which transportable for you to carry it anywhere
  • 20.875 inches scale of its compact design
  • 16 frets fingerboard which delivers lots of spaces for you to play
  • Fat and branded polymer strings which able you to deliver deep bass resonance
  • A mahogany structure which offers complete-bodied temperateness, along with a remarkable deep fundamental
  • Distinctly compensated saddles meant for every single string and die-cast tuners to make sure in maintaining your tuning along with intonation to be solid
  • An onboard piezo pickup which equipped with an active equalizer that would able to provide excellent sound within any live surrounding performance
  • Walnut fingerboard for its neck
  • active EQ
  • Built-in Tuner
  • Custom padded Gig bag available


  • A massive-sounding, beautiful acoustic-bass guitar.
  • Proprietary-fat polymer strings offer deep resonating bass
  • Mahogany construction offers functional warmth
  • Compensated saddles for each and every string


  • It is strictly a bass guitar

3.Gold Tone 4 String Bass Guitar (M-bass 25)

The M-Bass 25FL is a four-string acoustic bass guitar that uses a piezo transducer pickup and a dedicated synthetic string. The extended length seems to improve intonation and enables loud acoustic volume without using an amplifier.

In addition, the ergo-glide top makes it comfortable to play and hold. It seems to feature a transducer pickup with volume control.

Additionally, it has a mute function with an electronic tuner which will help in an accurate and quick pick adjustment.

An active pickup is featured in the MicroBass model which means that a battery is needed for the pickup to operate.


  • C shape neck
  • A great body made of Mahogany wood
  • Satin finishing
  • Active pickups
  • Underbridge configuration
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Medium size of frets
  • Dot inlays
  • Bone nut material
  • 1-11/16 inches of but the width
  • Small acoustic body shape
  • Gig Bag case
  • No pickguard available
  • 25 ½ inches scale
  • Aquila rubber strings


  • A straight five-year warranty
  • Multiple controls to adjust the music
  • Easy instructions and adjustments


  • Some people might not find the bass to be deep enough

4.Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN 4-String

Are you looking for a quality and durable 4-string acoustic-bass guitar? Ibanez PCBE12MH is one of the best, offering mahogany warmth.

This instrument is capable of projecting a balanced and warm. Thus, it fits all environments including studio, onstage, and home. You will no doubt appreciate its firmness when you cradle it on your lap.

This acoustic-bass guitar is preferred by countless people due to the comfort it offers.

There are various bass guitars in the market but they are not comfortable to play.

Some of them even pain your legs and arms due to the odd position in which you have to cradle them.

However, you don’t have to worry about that with this guitar. After all, it is renowned for its comfort.


  • Exclusive body shape projects which equipped with balanced tone and comfortable for the users to play it
  • The elegant body made of Mahogany from its top, back, and sides which able to provide a warm and comfortable tone for the users
  • Ibanez under-saddle pickup
  • AEQ SP2 preamp
  • Abalone rosette; chrome die-cast tuners
  • Open-pore natural finish which would look great and improves the tone
  • Rosewood fretboard


  • A balanced tone is projected by the grand concert style of body
  • Mahogany sides, back, and to offer a warm tone
  • Additionally, its open-pore finish enhances the tone and looks great


  • Its strings might not be as reliable as the body

5.Fender Kingman Acoustic Bass Guitar (V2)

The Kingman Bass is capable of delivering deep, full acoustic projection.

In addition, when you play it, you feel quite comfortable because the brand pays a lot of attention to the firmness of its products.

The V2 has a convenient cutaway and Jazz Bass mahogany neck for easy and quick access to the upper reaches.

This acoustic-bass guitar is designed for nothing but rock.

This acoustic-bass guitar is a little shorter than other guitars but it still offers a slinkier playing feel.

Additionally, its X bracing is responsible for giving it a superior resonance and reduced mass. It doesn’t only provide quality but also provides looks with a Fender vibe. This four-string acoustic-bass guitar is unmistakably one of the best bass guitars.


  • Mahogany neck completed with a walnut fingerboard which offers prompt playability along with the delightful response
  • 4-string acoustic-electric bass equipped with a concrete neat top and plastic-coated mahogany back and sides, designed for producing the stellar tone
  • Onboard Fishman preamp intended for exceptional amplified tone
  • Genuine walnut bridge, synthetic bone saddle,
  • Graph Tech NuBone nut enhances the tone
  • Onboard Fishman preamp designed for outstanding amplified tone


  • In addition to being stylish, it is sleek
  • It produces deep resonance and bass
  • Using it is very simple
  • Players can use it without worrying about not being comfortable


  • It is not for beginners
  • It solely fits the rock music

Conclusion of acoustic bass guitars

With this comes the end of best 5 acoustic-bass guitars. So above are some of the finest and exceptional acoustic-bass guitars.

All of them are unique on their own and they offer distinct features that others don’t provide.

They have different tones and they even feel different. Thus, it is up to you to choose the one which you need.

Keep in mind that you need to really pay attention to the complete features, shape, and all the benefits of the acoustic bass guitar that you are going to buy and use. Also, remember to not only focus on the price of acoustic bass guitar out there.

The reason is due to, nowadays, there are many brands that offering great and excellent acoustic bass guitar at an affordable price for you.

On the other hand, even though expensive acoustic bass guitars would definitely provide their good quality, but if you can get the same quality within a cheaper one, then why don’t you go for it?

Hence, it is basically not about the price anyway. But it is more about the features and quality of the acoustic bass guitar that really would be a suitable one to help you out in learning and exploring your skill more in playing the acoustic bass guitar.

Nevertheless, use your intuition would also be a great method in buying the ideal acoustic bass guitar that you are searching for.

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