Best Beginner Electric Guitar Review & Buyer’s Guide 2020

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Learn to play an electric guitar is a quite exciting challenge since, as a beginner, there are many things that you must learn.

Some important points that you have to take a grip on learning an electric guitar are included get to know about the guitar that you would use. You would have to learn about its straps, tuners, stand, amp, a protective case or a bag, and so on.

Thus, it might be complicated enough for you to finally decide which best beginner electric guitar that suits you well. It is a fact that many people especially teenagers are attracted by the music and variety of electric guitars. The sound made by an electric guitar can be captivating for many to energize their inner feelings.

If you are looking to be more than a listener, and want to engage in learning to play electric guitar, then your next step is to practice this art on a regular basis.

If you are already involved in this field or you are looking to get your foot into this art of playing an electric guitar, it is essential for you to know which beginner level electric guitars are the best in their quality and price. You need to find a guitar, which not only affordable for you, but it also matches your technique as well as personality.

So, in this article, we will cover up The Best Beginner Electric Guitar Review & Buyer’s Guide so that you come to know about the best beginner electric guitars available in the market.

1. Sawtooth Black Electric Guitar

Sawtooth guitars are known as one of the best beginner electric guitars that deliver a stylish design.

This Sawtooth Electric Guitar is an amazing guitar that provides a strong tone along with its classic shaping.

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In addition to this, Sawtooth Electric Guitar is popular as a cool guitar which would be suitable for every single style of music that you like to play with.

Thus, this electric guitar is, indeed, a perfect one for you to choose if you are a beginner. However, this Sawtooth electric guitar would also ideal for aspiring musicians as well. This guitar always came with a complete kit.


  • Basswood Body shaped with a black finish and also black pickguard
  • 25.5” length of scale with 42 mm nut thickness
  • Maple c-shape with rosewood fingerboard
  • 22 medium jumbo frets
  • Dot position inlays
  • Equipped with 5-way selector switch
  • Synchronous tremolo bridge
  • 3 single-coil pickups: 2 tone controls and 1 master volume
  • Accessories include: Sawtooth Retro 25-Watt Amp, Clip-On Turner, pick sampler, a stand, 10ft cable, hard case & online lesson


  • Affordable price
  • Stays in tune
  • Lightweight body
  • Strong and enduring


  • Most of its extra accessories are unusable

The main highlight of this electric guitar is its affordable price. Yes, this Sawtooth electric guitar is named as the best electric guitar under $500.

2. Squier by Fender Short Scale (24″)

Squier by Fender is another best beginner electric guitar for you to consider.

This Squier by Fender Short Scale (24″) Stratocaster – Bundle with Frontman 10G Amp is an ideal model not just for the beginners, but it would also be a favorite one for many expert guitarists.

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This type of electric guitar will definitely guarantee you to be pleased with its chic design.

This awesome electric guitar is designed with a c shape to fit easily in your palm. Plus, one thing to be noted from this Squier electric guitar is its capability to get cord height adjustment.

In simple words, this is an ideal option for you to choose as your best beginner electric guitar. This guitar is also lightweight that makes it quite easy to handle.


  • 24” length of scale; 36” complete length
  • C shaped maple neck
  • 20 frets fingerboard
  • 3 single-coil Stratocaster pickups
  • Hardtail 6-saddle bridge
  • Instrument cable
  • Accessory includes: Frontman 10G guitar amplifier


  • Lightweight body
  • Bigger neck for a good grip
  • Excellent fingerboard presentation
  • Fair tuning


  • Vibrant strings
  • Might not stay in tune
  • Low quality of tuning keys
  • Disposed to dirt and oil

3. Yamaha Gigmaker Electric Guitar

This is one of the most famous guitar brands. Yamaha Gigmaker electric guitar will deliver you the best value among other best beginner electric guitars.

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As we have acknowledged, the brand Yamaha has famous as a brand that delivers the value of excellent music, and thus, it also applies to this cool electric guitar as well.

This guitar will give you everything that you wanted to produce.

This Yamaha Gigmaker electric guitar looks extremely gorgeous with the incredible finishing and eye-catching design. Its straps, amp, and picks are working moderately.

A great job comes from its tuner by creating accurate tuning every time and completed with easy minor adjustments. In brief, this is an excellent beginner guitar for you to choose from.


  • 15-watt Yamaha amp
  • PACO12 Old violin sunburst
  • Achromatic tuner
  • Straps, picks, and extra strings


  • Premium design
  • Ideal size for teenage and adults
  • Ideal weight


  • Need an adjustment for its strings

4. Epiphone Les Paul SL Starter Pack

Epiphone Les Paul is the next best beginner electric guitar for you to choose from.

This cool electric guitar presents a beginner pleasant electric guitar that provides the greatest features within an affordable budget. With SL from the name which refers to a “slim lightweight”, this electric guitar presents its light poplar body which can be said like a feather.

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What’s more, this great electric guitar comes with an affordable price for all the beginners.

Hence, it is absolutely correct if Epiphone Les Paul SL is on the list of best beginner electric guitar since it offers an affordable electric guitar which able to deliver the maximum quality of an electric guitar.

This guitar is one of the most famous electric guitars in the market for newcomers.


  • Single coil pickups
  • Battery activated “MityPRO” mini amp
  • Gigbag, strap, and picks


  • Outstanding in-built quality
  • Gorgeous and comfortable design
  • Affordable price
  • Ideal for the beginners


  • Unhelpful knob

5. ZENY 39″ Full-Size Electric Guitar

ZENY 39” full-size electric guitar comes along with its awesome accessories which make this guitar among the best beginner electric guitars.

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This right-handed guitar is completed with a nylon carrying bag which makes this cool guitar easy to be stored, and thus, is also a perfect one for the beginner and traveling musicians as well.

ZENY 39” full-size electric guitar is completed with a stylish design made of wood, steel strings, and a fabulous finishing. Due to its astonishing design, this guitar is quite easy to handle.

Moreover, through this guitar the beginners are able.

Key Specifications:

  • 10-watt amp
  • Two band EQ
  • 25.59” length of string / 650 mm
  • Pickups: single coil X3 regulator volume X1, tone X2, and 5 scale tone changer
  • All wood construction
  • Accessories include: a cable cord, picks, shoulder strap, and spare strings


  • Easy storage
  • No need complex assembling
  • Comes with useful accessories


5. Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar

It is important to keep in mind that when we talk about Epiphone SG guitars, they do not come at a cheap price because they are one of the leaders in the market due to their fashionable style as well as superlative functions.

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But Epiphone has made your life easier by developing their own SG guitars, which are not too expensive; rather they come with affordable prices.

One can’t say that they are cheaper in price, so they may not be competitive in quality, but the fact is that they are very much competitive in quality.

You are going to love this guitar when you have a first look at it because it is beautifully designed with a great combination of Stopbar Tailpiece and Tune-o-Matic bridge.

It has a cherry red color with a carved painted body and looks so beautiful. It can give you the feeling of a rock star.

If you talk about its special features, sturdiness, pristine melody, as well as style; Epiphone SG-Electric Guitar is one of the beautiful instruments available in the market

Key Specifications:

  • 24.75-inch scale length
  • “D” is its SlimTaper
  • Tuners: Premium 14:1
  • 4-bolt recessed
  • D’Addario 10, 13, 17, 26, 36, 46
  • 650R humbucker and 700T humbucker
  • 1 master-tone with KillPot
  • 1-master volume control


  • SG Guitar with affordable price
  • Made with maple wood and sturdy Lam Alder
  • Humbucking pickup is with double open coil
  • Beautiful cherry red color


  • The placement of output jack is awkward
  • The strings of this guitar are not too good in quality
  • No bundle kits set

6. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V

There are many emerging brands in the guitar industry, and here we present one of them.

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Yamaha is making some considerable noise in the guitar industry with its beautifully designed electric guitars. They have launched this Pacifica Series, which has versatility and variety to suit different kinds of music styles and genres.

This series is famous for its seamless and beautiful melody. The sound of this particular guitar is very heavy and loud because it comes with x1 humbucker.

The other great thing about this guitar is its beautifully crafted design, which also gives a beautiful feel of an old violin.

It’s has a rosewood fingerboard along with solid alder housing, which makes it one of the best sturdiest guitars.

It has a maple made neck, which may not bend so easily like many other guitars available in the market.

Yamaha Pacifica Series has so many distinct features that you are going to love about this Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric Guitar.

Key Specifications:

  • Its body is solid alder
  • Maple made neck with Bolt-on
  • Comes with coil tape to switch 5 positions
  • Vintage Style Tremolo
  • Alnico V Humbucker x1
  • Master Tone with Master Volume


  • Versatility for different music styles and genres
  • x1 Humbucker
  • Beautiful old violin shade
  • Maple Made Neck
  • 5 position switch


  • If you like thick tone, then it is not made for you
  • Single coil, which comes with various unwanted sounds

7. Squier Affinity Telecaster Electric Guitar

Every beginner guitarist must understand that practice is to get perfection, and it cannot be done without the help of a good quality electric guitar.

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Here we are making a good recommendation for you with this Squier Affinity Telecaster Electric Guitar. We recommend you to consider purchasing this guitar if you are looking to practice more and enhance your musical talent.

It’s race green shade is the first noticeable thing in this guitar, which gives it a Sunbright color look and style. It gives a great modern feeling with its appealing design.

Squier Affinity Telecaster playability is not only comfortable but also firm with the help of its maple fingerboard. This guitar comes with six strings along with a single configuration of coil pickups.

It is a long-lasting guitar with its great quality and durability. The strong wood is used to make is the body, whereas steel is used to make its string material.

This guitar is very much an affordable choice for you to continue with your music career, and polish your skills on a regular basis.

Key Specifications:

  • “C” shaped profile with a Maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard or 21-fret maple
  • 21-fret maple
  • Telecaster bridge with top-load


  • Beautiful race green color
  • An electric guitar with 6 strings
  • Durable guitar
  • Single-coil pickups configuration
  • 21 fret rosewood


  • Left-handed guitarist may not find its suitable
  • Fret’s edge is a bit rough


Well, those are the best beginner electric guitars for you to choose from. To be noted, if you are thinking to buy your complete electric guitar piece by piece, then it is definitely will be expensive and time-consuming since you will have to search for suitable pieces that would complete one another.

Thus, try to search and pick the suitable one for you would be better. Have a nice guitar learning.


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