7 left-handed electric guitars under $500 (2020)

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Picking the suitable left-handed electric guitars that give pleasant sound, nice look and easy to handle is not that easy as it seems.

Even you can’t imagine that there are a variety of left-handed electric guitars in the market.

There was a time when concerts and performance platforms were not that popular as standardized now.

This was because of the acoustic guitar as this guitar was quite hard to give louder sounds at that time.

Luckily electric guitars crossed this barrier and give us an advance instrument that can play amplified sound.

Ultimately in a very short time span, we have a variety of left-handed electric guitars with a competitive market.

Herein, there are varied prices, varies standards, varied specification and even different sounds to play in left-handed electric guitars.

That is why it is hard to select a suitable guitar that perfectly meets with desired standards and specifications.

Don’t worry, in order to save you, we came up here with a list of some best left-handed electric guitars that are available under $500. Let’s have a look at the list first.

1.Ibanez Grgm Left-Handed Electric Guitars (Grgm21bknl)

In the vast spectrum of left-handed electric guitars, you can say Ibanez GRGM 6 String as the most demanded, simple yet amazing guitar.

The highlighting thing of Ibanez GRGM 6 String is its metal small body that is too reliable and easy to handle.

You are going to amaze to know that Ibanez GRGM 6 String offers each and every specification as the standard guitar has.

The uniqueness of Left-handed Ibanez GRGM 6 String is the shortest scale length that is perfect for beginners and even kids.

If you are so fond of traveling, then Ibanez GRGM is the best option for you. It’s lightweight and ideal small shape will surely catch your attention.


  • It’s a decent look that brightens its appearance.
  • Perfect and suitable for small hands
  • Gives pleasant music
  • Offer versatile and clean sound
  • Adjustable control knobs


  • Requires some adjustment that is quite difficult to handle
  • It has average humbuckers

You can say that Ibanez GRGM 6 String is an affordable as well as efficient electric guitar, not only for beginners but also for travelers. It’s too great even for small hands.

With Ibanez GRGM 6 String, you can play versatile sound any time anywhere. Cool! Isn’t it?

2.Squier by Fender Standard Stratocaster Left Burst

In the world of electric guitar, if you are looking for an upgraded guitar that not only impresses the beginners but also suitable for professionals, so here is your answer.

The Squier by Fender Standard Stratocaster Beginner left-handed Electric Guitars! Yes. It is the complete package for your demands.

It can also be said that Squier Fender Standard Stratocaster is one of the popular electric guitars, as this is the combination of Gibson Les and Fender Strat.

The sound quality and elegant looks of Squier Fender Standard Stratocaster will definitely impress you.

Not limited to this, Squier Fender Standard Stratocaster has a wide array of specifications that make it available for professional use.

When we talk about the versatility of this eclectic guitar, its impossible not to include Squier fender in this list.


  • It has a strong and attractive body
  • Its attractive design having a flawless neck joint
  • Pleasant playability
  • Customized guitar (this is one of the limited facility)
  • Clear sound to play


  • Single soil pickup (the majority of guitarists do not appreciate this)

I personally suggest Squier Fender Standard Stratocaster as the special guitar to play that is designed under flawless manufacturing. Additionally, the features of this electric guitar worth your investment for sure.

3.Yamaha Pacifica Pac112jl YNS

Over a decade, Yamaha Pacifica PAC112JL electric guitar is considered the best guitar, especially for its outstanding playability.

Apart from its great tone, there is a wide array of features belonging to Yamaha Pacifica PAC112JL Left-hand electric guitar.

The striking structure of this guitar with cutaway design plays an important role to enhance its beauty.

The overall body of Yamaha Pacifica PAC112JL electric guitar is made of steel, there is pickup humbucker too.

The humbucker pickup gives a string grip to hold the electric guitar, as this is highly considered by professionals while going to buy a new guitar.

This left-handed guitar with cutaway, Maple neck and body made of Alder is enough to grasp the attention of guitar lovers.


  • Varied pickup configuration
  • Variety of choices in color
  • Low string tension to learn easily
  • High versatility
  • High range of music genres


  • No other accessories
  • Tremolo arm

As per my suggestion, Yamaha Pacifica PAC112JL electric guitar is the most popular guitar with hardcore competitors in the musical industry.

This left-handed guitar has a high score in features ranging from impressive looks too high playability, from efficient versatility to varied musical preferences.

4.Dean VX Solid Body Left-Handed Electric Guitars

How can we exclude the Dean VX Solid guitar from the list of best electric guitars?

Hence, Dean VX Solid guitars give you fantastic feelings with featured body design. What is unique in this model? Obviously its design.

This unique type of electric guitar has a V-designed body, dual zebra guitar, Dean V headstock, and Dean VX metal body.

The features of this guitar can represent as inexpensive, outstanding looks, elegant structure, and excellent style.

You can feel amazing by the soothing tune of the guitar. In fact, the pleasing tune of this guitar won’t want you to out the guitar down even for a second.

So, Go, Buy and Rock with it. Although with a variety of features, this guitar is affordable for all.


  • Versatile sound
  • Outstanding looks
  • Bolt-on construction


  • Poor pick up

To wrap the pros and cons of Dean VX Solid guitar, there is a need to present you with a featured and unique guitar in the form of Dean VX Solid guitar.

This not only facilitates you by its appearance but also excites you with the soothing tune.

5.Ibanez GIO Series GRX70QA Left-Handed

Definitely, Ibanez GIO Series is the affordable guitar you are looking for. As it is an excellent electric guitar having pine fretboard and poplar body.

If we talk about the sound of the Ibanez GIO Series, it can be said without a second thought that it plays a solid tune to please the listener.

When it comes to presentation, Ibanez GIO Series overthrow many of the electric guitars, by its amazing neck feel, and powerful pickups.


  • Impressive looks and maple body
  • FAT-6 tremolo bridge
  • Microtone
  • Powerful pickups


  • Fret buzz
  • Poor quality for craftsmanship

It happens that different guitars are similar in many ways but it would amaze you that Ibanez GIO Series has some unique and particular features to please the buyer.

6.ESP LTD EC-256 Lemon Drop

The list of efficient, affordable and working musician instruments is incomplete without highlighting the name of ESP LTD EC-256.

The majority of guitarists consider ESP LTD EC-256 a workhorse to play music.

There is a unique design with cutaway features having the mahogany body.

Do you know what’s more interesting? There is gold hardware with single master control.


  • Classic shape
  • Set neck construction
  • Microtone
  • Affordable piece


  • Muffled pickups sound
  • Heavy to hold

This guitar is the complete package with all essential features including the design, body, and sound. The manufacturing and structure of this guitar won’t disappoint you.

7.Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Left-Handed

Ones who have not enough money to buy the original Gibson Les Paul, them here is a perfect alternative for you.

The Epiphone Les Paul! This model is the gold standard among beginners.

The iconic body shape and interesting controls enhance its worth to buy. An impressive sound and vintage tone is another reason for the fame of Epiphone Les Paul.


  • Give an affordable budget
  • Having additional equipment
  • Offer the best sound
  • High sustain rate


  • Unleveled fret
  • Heavy in weight

Epiphone Les Paul is the perfect blend of advanced features and classic build that really impress the music lover with the first sight.

Additionally, the maple top completes the classic look of Epiphone Les Paul.

If you want to buy the most suitable and best guitar in an affordable price range, this list really helps you to understand the variety of features.

Without any doubt, the information increases your knowledge about electric guitars and allows you to choose the best one.


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