6 Best Music Studio Desks for Home Recording Review 2020

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It is a great feeling to produce music with your own equipment and desk space, which you have at the moment.

However, there may come a time when you might need to up your setup based on your needs.

If you are thinking of making your hobby a full-time job, then you will certainly need a home office of sorts to achieve success, which you have envisioned.

By doing so, you have complete freedom over the editing projects you choose and work on your own hours.

For this, you need a home music studio desk.

There are a number of studio desks, each with a certain set of characteristics. In this review, we have put together the top 6 music studio desk which could fulfill your needs.

Other items, which are necessary for the perfect home studio, are studio chairs, cables, musical instruments, keyboards, monitors and other studio-related accessories.

But most importantly, the desk brings everything that you need together to maximize your productivity.

1.Studio Trends 46 inc Studio Desk with Dual 4U Racks Cherry


Starting with Studio Trends 46 in. Music Studio Desk with Dual 4U Racks Cherry, there is plenty of rack space on offer for all the editing and recording needs.

With a 46” surface area for work, you can probably throw everything and still have some space left on it. Nevertheless, it adds a nice touch to the editing or home studio environment.


  • It looks beautiful when placed in the studio
  • There is plenty of room on the desk for equipment
  • It is very easy to use
  • The quality is acceptable, if not great
  • The improvement of the sound is visible
  • It is also very easy to assemble
  • Lockable casters help to lock the desk onto its place


  • The delivered product could be damaged at times, which is probably the courier’s fault
  • It is extremely difficult to use
  • The packaging could have been improved
  • It is not fully functional as one would have liked
  • The quality lacks a lot to be desired

Suffice to say, this product has received a lukewarm response. It is good for a small-scale home studio. The racks provide enough space for the users to put their musical equipment.

The weight of the desk makes it a bit heavy to move around so it is advisable to fix it in a place for use.

But for the price, it is certainly a bargain and users have appreciated the benefits it offers.

2.Music studio desk RTA Producer Station

The Studio RTA Producer Station is a large workstation desk. It has more than enough space to accommodate any sort of equipment along with the accessories that you may need.

It is a complete system and you may not need to look any further than this. In all honesty, you may feel intimidated by the space and features that this desk offers to you.


  • The workspace has a width of 77 inches, giving the user ample room to place a 88 key piano and even a synthesizer if you need one. In addition to this, add the 48 rack spaces and you may realize what it offers.
  • It is constructed of solid steel and the desk surface is maple-colored.
  • It is immune to bumps and accidental knocks.
  • CD/DVD holders, casters to ease mobility and two slide-out keyboard shelves are some of the additional features.
  • The unit has 4 casters to help with movement.
  • Inside the box, you will find 4 casters (2 are lockable), a rear panel that facilitates cord management, a full-length monitor shelf, and 2 big work surfaces.


  • The desk weighs a mighty 140 pounds and it is quite difficult to move it around the house.
  • Recording a desk with wheels often also means that it will be less stable and less sturdy. But the casters are lockable which makes that issue redundant.

Once again, in all honesty, there is very little to criticize this colossal and versatile workstation.

But you will need a huge studio to accommodate this desk as it might take most of the room.

But it is an addition to the mid-sized and large-sized studios which have ample room to fit this desk.

3.Omnirax Presto 4 Music Studio Desk Black


The Omnirax Presto 4 Studio 4 Desk Black meets a broad array of economical and ergonomic needs.

Its desk surface is quite expansive and meets your needs for control surfaces, large keyboard controllers, smallish mixers as well as rack spaces for easier reach.

The top shelf holds the near field monitors and computer monitors with relative ease.


  • With two separate bays, there are 8 rack spaces
  • On the desk, there are rolling caster wheels
  • The workstation also boasts of a KMS-PR. This is a sliding computer keyboard shelf, which is optional.
  • The top surface uses mahogany or maple Formica whereas the furniture is composed of melamine or melamine laminate.
  • There is the room given under the table for you to put the recording items or other items of use.
  • It has a durable caster since it is a heavy, thick studio station. Therefore, it can be moved around with relative ease.
  • There are two racks, an upper board rack, and a central board rack. These are for additional storage purposes.
  • The system comes in different variations.
  • The central board has a sliding board, which is quite useful. It can be used for studio mixers and all types of keyboards. You can place other studio accessories and computer keyboards if need be. This could be headphones, microphones and other stuff.


  • It is quite difficult to assemble furniture with standard hand-based tools.
  • Another huge concern is that the main desk is positioned slightly higher than the music keyboard. Thus, a seat is needed to adjust the height to work properly.
  • There is a point where the screws are put on flat surfaces. This includes the top shelf and desk shelf. These are not equal due to the lack of countersunk holes.

The Omnirax Music Studio Desk is designed specifically for musicians so that they can manage the workspace with ease.

With 8 racks and additional spaces, it can handle all your musical accessories nicely. It is worth the price and user-friendly, too.

The compact music studio desk is available in 3 tiers, the Omni Presto 4 Studio Desk which is a viable option for hobbyist musicians and professional producers.

4.AZ Studio Workstations – Keyboard Studio Desk


With a grey base and attractive maple melamine, the AZ-2 Maple Keyboard Studio Desk is wonderful for any 88 keys keyboard.

The legs/base has an angled design that looks simply stunning and complements the rest of the desk. It features a huge pull-out shelf that can accommodate a large-sized keyboard.

The electrically adjustable height is a great feature and works well for users of different heights.


  • It has plentiful rack space
  • The leveling system is integrated
  • It is quite difficult to move around with a weight of 350 lbs


  • It is quite heavy to move around at 350 lbs. For the users, it is necessary to decide a place first
  • The price tag is quite hefty and this might deter many users at the same time

Suffice to say, the AZ-2 Maple Keyboard Studio Desk is a good deal for the price for which it is sold.

However, this might be more a product for the experienced musicians and certainly not something for hobbyists.

This being said, the desk has ample deck space and can accommodate a multitude of items with ease.

5.Virtuoso Recording Desk – All Black


The VIRTUOSO Series is designed for heavy-duty use. It fulfills the need for an 88-key keyboard and 18 U rack outboard gear.

Using the rack slots, you can transform it into a desk with 6U, 12U and 18U. The additional rack beam. Suffice to say, VIRTUOSO delivers immense comfort during long-winded work hours.


  • This workstation is designed to last for many decades.
  • Only the high-quality materials are used for a quality finish.
  • The desk surface is laminated and edges are finished using an aluminum touch.
  • Its keyboard tray can easily accommodate any of the 88 key systems available in the market
  • The cable inserts conveniently guide the gear cables under monitor you have
  • It has a matte finish
  • It is fitted with adjustable feet


  • It costs a pretty penny. There it may not be for everyone.

Suffice to say, this unit is absolutely fabulous. It is very simple to assemble and it works wonders with its ergonomic aspects.

Some of the desks may solve one or the other issues, but this desk solves every issue with ease. This shows that a lot of thought has gone into its design.

The desk has sufficient room for everything and also exudes a mainstream look and feel, which would leave anyone mesmerized.

6.Beat Music Studio Desk All White


The Beat Studio Desk All White is ideal for home studio workstation. It makes perfect use of ergonomic space and optimized aesthetics.

The brand has unveiled a sleek design, which is a great example of form and function. It can match the needs of hobbyists or professional home recording producers easily.


  • For the price, it does offer a lot of features
  • It has a futuristic look
  • Its size is perfect for the small-scale studios
  • The instructions are quite easy to follow and you can set it up in under 1-hour.
  • Management solutions are good. You can arrange the cables neatly and put them out of sight.
  • The top shelf is quite spacious and can accommodate 2×24 monitors. It can also accommodate 2×8 speakers, too.


  • There is limited rack space so it may not be for everyone
  • It cannot accommodate the 88-key controller

Product Conclusion

The defining feature of this desk is that its look and feel gives a vibe of high-end desks, designed for renowned producers.

Therefore, the smaller desk size is ideal for placement in apartments and other smaller spaces.

The Beat Studio Desk has become quite popular among the music producers. It has all the features necessary to take your production capabilities to the next level.


As a professional or a hobbyist musician, it is necessary to determine the positioning of the ergonomics of the gear for your personal convenience.

This is why you need to factor in the pros and cons of all these systems first before you make a decision.

The desk reviewed in this piece has some advantages over the others and some have fabulous design aesthetics.

However, your choice largely depends on the space that you can use in your budget and the number of items you have.

Whichever deck is picked for recording, regardless of mixing and mastering, we certainly hope that this guide will greatly assist you in making a decision.

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