How to Choose the Perfect Musical Instrument for your Kids

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Musical Instrument Kids

Allowing your kid to indulge in music doubles the feeling of bliss and euphoria. Any parent could never go wrong in allowing their kid to experience their own music first-hand.

That is why it is necessary to let your kids know what musical instrument should they explore with.

Here are 5 considerations in choosing the perfect musical instrument for your kids:

1. Age.

Musical Instrument child's
Child’s age

The first thing you need to consider is your child’s age. Most 3-5-year-olds have very minimal and limited ability to play highly complicated instruments.

Most of the kids at that age may be able to do percussion such as mini drums and xylophones and instruments involving hand dexterity such as pianos.

  • Drums– percussion instruments such as drums are ideal for male kids who are highly active. This instrument would allow them to exhaust their energy by putting them all to the drum set.
  • Xylophones – most female kids prefer to play the xylophones because of their easy methods of access and its melody. Xylophones are not difficult to learn by most kids since they all depend on their ear for music and the ability to play with it.

To give a more specific perspective, here is a list of suggested musical instruments for kids and their age:

  • 4-6-year-olds are good with piano and violin
  • 7-10-year-olds are good with piano, too
  • 8-10-year-olds are already suitable with guitar and clarinet
  • 10-year-olds may already explore trumpet and cornet
  • 10-12-year-olds are already capable of playing drums

2. Body type.

Musical Instrument Kids
Child’s body type

Knowing your child’s body type is also a thing to consider in choosing the right musical instrument for them. Smaller body types may have difficulty in carrying big and hefty instruments.

Here are a few recommended musical instruments for different body types of children:

  • Piano – This instrument is better with kids who have fingers that are long and slender. Fingers that are short and thick may have difficulty maneuvering piano keys.
  • Bassoon – This instrument is not ideal for smaller kids since bassoons are big and, depending on the type, may also be quite heavy. Kids with small body type will have difficulty carrying and playing it at the same time.
  • Trumpet – If your kid has smaller lips, this is suitable for them. This gives them easy access to the mouth of the trumpet and makes wonderful sounds.  However, this is not suitable for kids with braces since this may cause some dental problems.

3. Personality.

Musical Instrument Kids
Kids personality.

As a parent, you also have to know what kind of musical instrument may work for your kids according to their personality.

There is a musical instrument that works for kids who are active but would eventually not work for those who are shy and timid.

Here is a list of musical instruments which may work for your kids and their personality types:

  • Piano – This instrument is good for kids who are quiet, shy, smart, and conscientious. For shy kids, pianos are a great help for them to extend their self-expression and self-worth.
  • Guitar – Guitars are very suitable for kids with personalities of independence and possessiveness. As starters, you may want your kids to explore on playing the classical guitar first then you may want to move on with the electric and bass guitar as your child advances
  • Violin – Violins are very good for children who showcase personalities of being well-behaved and quiet. This is also good for kids who are neither alone nor in a crowd. In other words, violins are great for kids who want to perform the instrument by themselves or with a group of people.
  • Trumpet – This musical instrument is very good for kids who are friendly, easy-going and sociable. Playing the trumpet helps these sociable kids to express and release their energy and dominance. Experts have studied that children who have good coordination of both hands and eyes will do very well with this musical instrument.
  • Saxophone – This instrument is ideal for kids who are happy and well-balanced. If your child is easy going and tends to adjust well whether he/she is in a crowd or alone, playing the saxophone is good for them. Most experts say that this musical instrument also helps your kid to develop his/her mental and social skills.

4. Interests.

Musical Instrument Kids
Children’s interests

You should also consider your children’s interests in playing a musical instrument. As a parent, you have to know what musical instrument do they really want to play. You have to take their own interest over yours.

As a parent, you have to assess whether your child would want to play a musical instrument or not. After all, it is their skills that you are trying to help develop and not yours.

5.Financial considerations.

Parents Budget.

Building a family is not easy and it always requires money all throughout your kids’ growth. Part of your consideration in choosing the right musical instrument for your kids is the price of the instrument that they want to play.

Here is a quick list of the possible prices of some common musical instruments:

  • Pianos – If you want to get a decent one for your kid, you may want to prepare around $2000.
  • Violins and trumpets – This may be a bit affordable which may cost for around $150.
  • Drum set – A simple and junior drum set may cost starting at $300. Depending on the type and brand, the price may go higher.
  • Bassoon – This one may cost around $1000, depending on the size and type.
  • Guitar– Guitars may come more affordable ranging from $100 – $500.


As parents, we always want what’s best for our children. In choosing the right musical instrument for them, there is only one most important thing to consider and that is their own preference.

We have to know if they want the instrument or not. In decision making, we are only there to guide and help them. Because as what most experts say, if children do what they want, they excel easily and tremendously.

What is your opinion? Please leave your comment below to let us know.


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