7 best mini guitar amp on a budget review in 2020

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Do you know about mini guitar amp?

Guitar amplifiers come in all shapes and sizes. From the standard studio desktop amplifier to a full-blown stadium stack, they have various capabilities, depending on their application.

What do you want also hinges on several factors? It could be overwhelming for first-time buyers.

Ergo, we have decided to compile a list of a mini guitar amp that may suit your needs depending upon your needs.

Listed below are the top 7 mini guitar amp that might be right up your alley. Beginners and veterans can both find something here.

1.Marshall MS2 Battery-Powered Small Guitar Amplifier

If you are looking for an amplifier to practice the guitar, you cannot go wrong with Marshall MS2 Battery-Powered Micro Guitar Amplifier.

It is quite portable and even though the output power is just 1-watt, you would be surprised at how much volume it is able to generate from this guitar combo.


  • The main feature is its sheer portability
  • It is inexpensive
  • It is easy to use and produce the signature Marshall sound
  • It is equipped with a built-in speaker
  • It consists of just 3 buttons and you sure do not need to be genius to figure out how it works


  • It does drain out the batteries quickly
  • The channel starts to distort at higher volumes
  • It is a low-powered amplifier as most of the mini amplifiers are
  • Since it is a 1-watt amplifier, it can never match the capacity of a high-powered amplifier. It is still very loud, especially in overdrive mode.

If you go for the Marshall MS2, do keep in mind that it is a good quality, low-cost and low-powered amplifier for practice purposes.

With that in mind, you will never be disappointed with its performance. It is ideal for practice at home and short sessions in clubs and cafes.

Many of the guitarists are content with this smallish amplifier. For an added effect, you can purchase another amplifier and enjoy the sound it produces.

2.SUNYIN 10 Watt Portable Amp

The SUNYIN 10 Watt Portable Amp for Guitar, Electric Guitar and Bass is a relatively unknown entry in the list compared to others.

It offers a handful of features for the beginners and they will surely like its range of features.


  • As a beginner, you may need portable and small speakers, which allow you to enjoy yourself, then these are good choices
  • It can be used with 6 AAA batteries or an AC power adapter


  • This particular amplifier is for bass and an electronic guitar, but it also accommodates USB and MP3 and cellular phone connections, too.
  • The bass and treble shape the low and high frequencies of the guitar

It is another value for money product. Yet it delivers on its promises completely. It is designed for the beginners of guitar and take it forward from there.

The 10-watt speaker delivers a comfortable sound and smooth tones. But the product does not find its mark with experienced guitarists.

3.Blackstar Mini Guitar Amplifier, Black (FLY3)

For the musicians, it is vital to have a great sound, be it home or live stage performance.

To this end, they need a world-class quality and performance, which stands out from the crowd.

The Blackstar Guitar Combo Amplifier, Black (FLY3) is one portable and battery-powered amplifier.

Even though, it is a 3-watt system, the Fly 3 packs a full-blown punch for a first-time user.


  • It is one of the best guitar combo amplifiers, which are battery-powered
  • Even at low volume, it can shake the roof
  • It has an emulated headphone port and one MP3 jack for the users
  • It is portable and a perfect traveling companion, too
  • There are 2 channels that provide crystal clear overdrive tones
  • It uses both optional power supply and 6 AA batteries
  • The tape delay effect amplifies the added effect of resonance
  • The Infinite Shape Features offers plenty of tonal choices
  • The sound is great, even when connected with a tablet, laptop or a television


  • Some of the professionals did not like the built-in effects of the amplifier
  • Others wanted more EQ controls
  • For the hobbyists, it is a value for money product but the professionals demand more from it

Not all the guitarists out there dream of fame and fortune. Some people are just content to play in front of their friends and family. For them, this is enough and the Blackstar guitar combo amplifier is good enough.

As is the case, the black Blackstar guitar mini amplifier has become a gold standard in the domain of mini class amplifiers. It is small, but still not to be toyed around with.

You can throw in the bag, place it in the bedroom or garage, and jam wherever and whenever you want.

It seems that Blackstar outdid itself this time. Known for the best amplifiers, it continues to exceed expectations.

4.Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

Regardless of a seasoned professional or a total novice, sometimes it works to keep things simple.

The Fender Frontman 10G is a blend of class and simplicity.

The amplifier delivers, passing with flying colors. It is one of the most affordable practice amplifiers.

Yet, it exceeds expectations in terms of tone and quality.


  • The controls of this amplifier are very simplistic, which is a huge benefit for the beginners
  • You can add instantly the overdrive in your tone
  • It is a basic system, but it is something which every guitarist needs starting out
  • The 10-watt unit will certainly not shake anyone, but it is suitable enough for a casual performance
  • For this measly price, the tone is quite satisfactory
  • For practicing purposes, this unit knocks out of the park
  • A price tag, which is under $100, the Frontman 10G, offers a lot for the price.


  • Only has one input jack
  • Overdrive isn’t up to the mark

In short, there is a lot going for this Fender Frontman 10G. All you have to do is take 5 minutes to spend and you will come to respect it.

Some users will eventually grow out of the power that it offers. Even some of the seasoned players may find it hard to get rid of it.

They may use in lighter plug n play sessions. For a throwaway price, it offers high-quality sound.

Fender Frontman 10G is one of the deals in the market under the price range currently. But it is still an irresistible value for money offer.

5. Boss Katana-Mini Battery Powered Guitar Amplifier

Interestingly enough, the Boss Katana Mini is a force to be reckoned with.

It is small in size, but this smallish amplifier packs more punch than most first-timers can handle.

The 7-watt unit delivers power through its 4” speakers, but the speaker is optimized to avoid the think sounds of a guitar.


  • In most cases, the practice amplifiers have 2 channels that are hardly used. Katana boasts of 3 channels delivers a nice overdrive and a clean sound. Incidentally, you can practice any sort of music you like.
  • The amplifier is handy for usage anywhere. You can carry it around anywhere and it will continue to deliver a sublime sound.
  • You can power it by either a power supply or 6 AA batteries, it is totally up to you.


  • It does have a limited range of functions
  • The mini guitar amp also has a lower bass response
  • It is weak compared to other models in the category
  • The sound quality for some is substandard

To your surprise, the BOSS Katana amplifier has received rave reviews from guitar enthusiasts everywhere.

Its onboard effects, sound and feel and terrific value seal the deal for everyone.

Now fans of Katana can access the signature Katana tone in a portable and battery-powered amplifier.

A sound quality that clears stands out from the crowd, this powerhouse is something that you just cannot sidestep.

6.Roland Acoustic Portable Guitar Amp (MOBILEAC)

For those who wish to enter the world of acoustic guitars, experience the creativity, convenience and dimension in sound with the Roland Battery Power Acoustic Portable Guitar Amplifier.

This mini guitar amp is designed to facilitate convenience on the go and boasts of a sound that will instantly turn heads.

Enjoy crisp, powerful and clear sound from this compact amplifier.


  • Admitted, the unit is quite small, but its 2 4-inch speakers produce a sound that is a force to be reckoned with. The guitar will surround you with its swirling, thick sound. For a higher tone, turn the knob clockwise and for a mild sound, turn the knob counter-clockwise.
  • It is quite small and enough to adjust inside a backpack. Even children can carry this if need be. It can easily operate for 15 hours with 6 AA alkaline batteries, allowing you to perform at any location. An AC adapter is provided if you need to plug it in.
  • You can jam with your friends, just grab a microphone and turn up the volume. You can also connect other portable media (iPod and others), allowing you to back the tracks with ease.


  • It sounds too unbelievable
  • An AC power supply isn’t provided

Suffice to say, the system is perfect for playing in smaller clubs and cafes. The stereo system is smallish, but the produced sound is enormous for its size.

The audience will simply fall in love with it. Interestingly enough, it is a self-contained product and does not need speakers, mixers, amplifiers, and cables.

7.Roland Micro Cube GX 3W

Needless to say, the Micro Cube is a top seller for approximately a decade.

It is a very famous amplifier in the category. It has retained its enormous sound and little size.

But there are many great improvements in this model.

It gives the same versatility and tone for which it has become popular.


  • It is comfortable and warm
  • It has a commendable power output
  • It is portable and quite easy to use
  • Its sound is excellent
  • It has a custom-designed speaker and ultra-compact amplifier
  • It is equipped with a memory function for effect settings and favorite amplifier
  • The chromatic tuner is built-in
  • It can function on both battery power or AC adapter with strap


  • The sound quality is a bit moderate
  • It is weak
  • The media playback is not as impressive
  • They do not have a larger version of this
  • One input for the guitar and mic only
  • The overdrive and effects could have been better
  • Its tuner is very difficult to work with
  • It is unsuitable for a full band

The Micro Cube GX has received glowing reviews from the customers, as we have seen. It has a lot going for itself.

Suffice to say, it delivers the value and sound you desire. It is great for recording and it is very much so an ideal amplifier. It can be used in band practice sessions and home studios.

For someone who needs a handy battery amplifier, this is it.


Prior to the invention of a modern mini guitar amp, the guitarists would make-do with radio horns for a louder sound.

This temporary fix was unreliable and inefficient. With the invention of a portable speaker in 1927, this temporary fix eventually fell out of favor.

Music is a gift that keeps on giving and the list we have prepared for you will help you make the right decision.

But remember, the simpler the system, the easier it is to work with.

Time to rock!

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