5 Best DJ Controller Review 2020

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If you’re interested in buying the Best DJ Controller. it would be easy for you to find them out there nowadays.

Yes, along with the growth of technology, these days there are numbers of amazing for best DJ controller products distributed online for you to choose.

However, it is not easy to do when you have to pick the finest, ideal, and great DJ machine are which comes along with its excellent features.

There is one thing to keep in mind about the DJ controllers market that it has matured with the essence of technology and there are many devices, come with cheaper prices, but there are so many devices, which come with high quality and high pricing.

What to look for in a DJ Controller

As mentioned earlier, it is not easy to choose a suitable DJ controller. Because there is a diverse range of brands that come with a variety of DJ controllers.

So, How this tough decision can be made easy? We will guide you to help you in your decision-making process and will tell you, what to look for in a DJ controller. There are a few important considerations to make in this regard.

  • The first vital factor is the software. It is up to you that what kind of software is liked by you. For instance, if you play with other Serato DJ software. It will critical to keep in mind and it has compatibility with certain kinds of controllers and It is a choice made on your preference for DJ app, which would help you to determine suitable DJ software. It is vital to keep in mind that software considered would be a more critical feature of a DJ controller is compared to its hardware.
  • The other important factor for consideration is an audio interface, whether you want a built-in one so that you can connect CDJs and turntables to your set-up. There are many DJ controllers, which are considered as standalone mixers. It means that you will not need to connect them with any device like a computer. So, it is one of the most important considerations to make.
  • The other determining factor for buying guide a suitable DJ controller is a quality, looks as well as size. It is up to your requirement that what kind of size you need. If you are a professional DJ, who works with large types of events. You need a large size DJ controller with every possible feature.
  • If you work on a small scale, then you must use it for a small size DJ controller. Moreover, if you are a frequent user of the DJ machine, The quality must be important to you so that you can have a DJ controller, which is durable enough to last for a longer period of time. The looks of a DJ controllers can also be a decision making factor. Some may prefer a stylish DJ controllers, even it may have fewer features, but some of you may prefer a simple design, putting a price on its features.
  • The most critical factor to decide is the Price of DJ controllers. There is a great variety in the market in this regard. You can ask for an average DJ device with fewer features at a less price. But if you are looking for a real professional DJ, then you may be willing to pay higher prices. So, you will have to decide on the basis of requirements and needs to make a decision with regards to pricing. Here we recommend something; if you have good enough money in your pocket, but still don’t spend more than $1000 in your first-ever purchase of a DJ controller.
  • It is vital to know that mixing music is not an easy task to handle, so you have to ensure that all of your instruments and DJ controller has good enough quality and features to come up a great performance. There are many components of a DJ controller, which you have to keep in your consideration such as backlit buttons, touch strips, faders, encoders, jog wheels, and knobs.
  • As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of DJ controllers available in the market such as an all-in-one DJ machine with advanced features and common DJ controllers with basic features.

So, the above-mentioned factors are important to keep in mind, when you are looking to buy a DJ controller.

Well, to make it easier for you in choosing a suitable DJ machine, here are the top 5 DJ controllers 2019 review.

1.Pioneer DJ Controller (DDJ-400)

The DDJ-400 is known as the top Pioneer DJ controller meant for the Rekordbox disk jockeying software. This DJ controller is basically the successor to the quite famous DDJ RB.

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However, there are some modifications along with the valuable improvements that you can find in this model.

In that DJ controller, the user is able to apply professional FX, the voice of this DJ controller is so deep and you can craft unique sets easily.

This DJ controller is extremely flexible because you can choose to hear anything by attaching a computer speaker or headphones.

There is also a built-in sound card that will make it extremely easy to connect this controller with the computer.

Even though this DDJ-400 might be equipped as a beginner-level DJ controller, but it still offers the capacity to improve your talent as a great DJ.

In addition to this, the DDJ-400 is wrapped with excellent features available at an inexpensive price.

Key Specifications:

  • Club style design
  • 20-20000 Hz. the frequency range of its software system
  • Completed with Rekordbox DJ license key
  • Built-in sound card along with plug and play connectivity by using a USB cable


  • Rekordbox DJ software
  • Professional design
  • Extensive FX
  • Long pitch fader


  • Slighter mixer segment
  • Slighter performance pads

2.Pioneer DJ Controller (DDJ-SB3)

This is one of the best revolutionary devices to enhance the performance of DJ.

Another type of Pioneer DJ controller designed for the beginner-level market is DDJ-SB3.

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This DJ controller has been presenting as the finest Serato(one of the most famous and complete-featured of DJ software) DJ controllers which perfect for beginners.

This amazing DJ controller is also equipped with some fascinating features to tilt this controller to a diverse section of the beginner DJ in the market place.

This machine also came with some breakthroughs like Pioneer pad Scratch.

Through this, the musician is able to create new tones in an effective way. This DJ controller specially made for Serato DJ. It will be quite easy to pull off scratch effects.

There are also some rubber pads on the controller that will provide functions like transport control, cue trigger and many more.

The musician is also able to apply advance mix options


  • In-built layout features
  • Awesome Pad Scratch which able you to add some effects and recently playing music with no turnable
  • FX Fade feature: 5” durable aluminum jog wheel
  • Big and low-latency of jog wheels


  • Quality jog wheels
  • Consistent layout design
  • FX Fade feature
  • 4 channels available


  • The different expense needed for intro software
  • Its scratch effects are not helpful

3.Denon DJ MC4000

The Denon DJ MC400 offers a strong impression right after you take it out of the box.

This DJ controller has a complete metal faceplate which will make you feel like a professional DJ.

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An awesome feature of this Denon DJ MC4000 comes from its 100 mm pitch faders which would please the DJs who love to manually beat the match on their choice.

In addition to this, the jog wheels of this DJ controller will really feel that it is strong and solid.

Plus, it also has a proper weight amount which makes you feel comfortable enough to use it.

This device also came with different advanced features. through these features, the DJ is able to create ideal music.

There are also touch-activated jog wheels that will help the DJ to make scratching in a perfect way.

This machine also came with 100mm pitch faders. Quality-wise this DJ controller is one of the best. The reason is that through a premium controller it is easy to do professional work.


  • Premium 2-Deck controller meant for Serato
  • Includes Serato DJ Intro which is user-upgradeable
  • Touch-activated jog wheels which able the DJs to create accurate scratching along with track cueing
  • Long-throw 100 mm pitch faders


  • Affordable price
  • Professional features which include inputs & outputs, and microphone
  • Excellent build
  • Professional sound


  • Limited support meant for the features of Serato DJ’s presentation-oriente
  • VU meters

4.Numark Mixtrack 3 All-In-One 2-Deck

Numark Mixtrack 3 DJ Controller follows a stylish trend design of being dense and comes along in its lightweight, which able you to set up your mobile gigs.

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This device will also make it easier for you to upgrade Serato DJ’s complete version, even if it will take an extra cost for it.

If you are a beginner disk jockeying, then this Numark Mixtrack 3 DJ Controller is definitely an excellent choice for a great device. Plus, this DJ controller is available for you at a reasonable price.


  • 16 rubber drum pads meant for activating samples, loops, cue points, and many more
  • Built-in audio interface for PA system output, microphone, and headphone cueing as well
  • Includes Serato DJ Intro, which is completely upgradable to Serato DJ


  • 100 mm long pitch fader which is excellent for beat matching
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive jog wheels


  • Limited function performance pads
  • The knobs are less dedicated for web or dry effects setting
  • Bulky auto-loop

5.Gemini GV Series G4V

Gemini GV Series G4V Professional Audio 4-Channel MIDI Mappable Virtual DJ Controller with Touch Sensitive works along with a sound card. Not the same as other DJ controllers.

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This amazing machine is equipped with the EQ knobs which built of plastic rather than rubber.

These knobs are also quite light and sprightly which might make you feel a bit weird for the first time, but after sometimes, you will be comfortable in using it.


  • 11.2 pounds of weight
  • 12.6 x 21 x 1.8”
  • EQ plastic knobs
  • MIDI learn feature
  • Compatible USB


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive jog wheels


  • Not long-lasting
  • Needed to be upgraded continuously

6.Roland Two-channel (DJ-202)

The Roland DJ-202 is the latest addition to Roland’s version of DJ controllers.

This amazing device offers a great number of fabulous features worth its price.

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In addition to this, this Roland DJ-202 also completed with a drum machine, along with a sequencer as well.

In general, this DJ control is really well-built with its similar design to its main competitor DDJ-SB2.

It includes an extremely high-quality of jog wheels which has quite low latency.


  • 2 channels and deck select designed for 4 decks
  • 8 dedicated pad controls meant for Serrate DJ Pro with a hot cue, roll, slicer, modern, pattern, and modes of sampler
  • The classic 16-step sequencer that able to activate either Serrate sampler or TRS drum sounds
  • Balanced XLR outputs


  • Worth with its price
  • Great jog wheels
  • Great addition of sequencer and drum machine


  • Whole-body made of plastic
  • Quite difficult to operate the sequencer and drum machine


After looking at all the details, it can be concluded in the end that to become an expert DJ, you must have to start from being a beginner and then move step by step to become a professional.

To support your beginner phase, you need a correct device which able to led you to become a professional one.

Thus, even though there are numbers of DJ controllers that provide many great features in the market, you need to be careful in choosing the best disk jockeying controller which really suitable for you.

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