7 Small Guitars for Small Hands buyer’s Guide & Review

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Have you ever had a problem finding small guitars to fit the little person?

We have provided for the Top 7 small guitars designed for the small hands.

In playing guitar, guitar player should recognize his or her own body shape so that they could adjust the type of guitar that would be suitable for them to play with.

The reason is due to your body shape such as your hands, arms, height,back and shoulder would absolutely determine which type of guitar would really fit you.

Well, this article covers up for the top 7 small guitars designed for the guitar players with small hands.

1.Taylor GS Mahogany Small Guitars

The Taylor GS mini mahogany is a small guitar that made up of the Sapele or Mahogany top.

The Body material provides a premium look. The Neck Material is Sapele and the fretboard material is ebony.

The Taylor Guitar made for both left and right-handed players.

The number of strings on the guitar is six. This is a stunning ¾ sized guitar that provides a high-quality voice.

These small guitars are a very nice and lovely musical instrument that provides you a good quality sound.


  • Affordable price
  • Guitar for small hands
  • The top of the guitar is solid
  • Construction is triple-layered
  • Excellent sound quality


  • The error from user or player
  • Misconception

The beginners or the kids can take a start from the mini guitar. As mentioned above, this ¾ guitar is made up of Sapele material which makes it handy.

2.Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

The Taylor BT2 baby mahogany acoustic guitar is available in small size as a ¾ scale.

The mini bay guitar is constructed by the Sapele material as well as the head material is also made up of the Sapele material.

The wood of BT2 guitar often states as a bluesy edge.

The small guitars due to its size and handy grip are portable.

The proposed mini guitar will provide you with a great tone and the full sweet sound to play music or compose the beautiful tones.

The small guitars are so much handy and easy to play in front of the audience.

The premium body look of this mini guitar makes it stunning and attractive, especially children who love to play.

However, this awesome small guitar has some pros and cons such as it does not a complete musical instrument because it needs more alterations to make it perfect to keep it in the working condition.


  • The playing actions are decent
  • Perfect size for small hands
  • Beautiful backpack style for carrying


  • It does not come with the hard case
  • ¾ guitar may not respond well for playing finger styles
  • Guitar for small hands does not come in the protective padding
  • Small guitar need various changes to keep the guitar in working condition

But, the main appreciated thing is that this small guitar due to its size and handy grip is portable.

3. Martin LXK2 Little Koa Pattern HPL Top

The Little Martin LXk2 is a beautiful complete a small guitar that attracts its customers due to its construction and the stunning body.

The formation of the mini guitar comes into shape by using some materials such as the Martise or Neck joint.

The body size of the guitar for the small hands is modified 0 to 14 Fret. The Koa wood patterns HPL textured material is used in the formation or designation of the top.

There have two colors that come in the market such as white and black.

The constructors decorate the side of the mini guitar to make it more attractive by using Koa wood pattern HPL textured.

Some things that make the musical instrument more attractive but due to its unique body style it could be damaged or scratchable.

The sound quality of LXK2 is excellent and good.

The guitar due to its size and handy grip is portable.


  • The sound quality of the sound is excellent
  • The body of the mini guitar (Martin LXK2) shines more.
  • The material quality is good


  • Due to more shine, the body may be damaged
  • The could be slippery due to decorated body
  • Not backpack will be provided

Hence, these fantastic small guitars will provide you a great tone and the full sweet sound to play music or compose the beautiful tones.

4.Cordoba Guitars Coco x

The Cordoba guitar coco x Cordoba small guitars is a very beautiful and handy mini guitar.

This is famous because of its construction. The weight of the mini guitar is just 5 pounds and the dimensions of the guitar for small hands are 34.4 x 11.2 x 3.3 inches.

The mini guitar is handier as well as it is portable and easily transportable. The company named the mini guitar after inspired by the coco Movies.

The beautiful designs and shapes on the guitar tops as well as at sides of the mini guitar are laser etched.

The Cordoba guitar coco x Cordoba mini guitar definitely also has some plus and negative points.

As for the name, the mini guitar was made into form by inspired by COCO Movies.

The mini guitar has a plus point in the design.


  • Durable musical instrument
  • Best laser etched designs on the top of the guitar
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Dual-action rod of truss
  • Savarez strings of 500CJ


  • None

Due to its design, the quality of sound is higher than other kinds of mini guitars.

5.Yamaha FS800 Small Body

Yamaha FS800 is a guitar having a small body top acoustic guitar which is designed for beginners.

The specially designed guitar lies in the mini guitars family. The guitar for the small hands provides natural sound. The scale length of ¾ guitar is 25 inches that provide a strong grip.

The build of the mini guitar shows that the mini guitar is formed for both right and left-handed persons. The guitar size lengthwise is 40 3/16”.

The material is used in the formation of this a mini guitar that is the rosewood as well as the sides’ corners and the back is made up of Nato/Okume. The top of the guitar for small hands has solid spruce.

Yamaha FS800 is a mini guitar that provides you a better quality sound for your compositions. It is too handy as well as an amazing musical instrument for a strong grip.

Both right and left-handed players can play this mini guitar. It is portable and transportable due to the guitar size.

Yamaha FS800 is considered the best ever acoustic guitar for beginners. ¾ guitar is more famous because of its grate sounding.

The sound of the mini guitar is not too high or no too low when the guitar player starts playing while it provides you a moderate sound quality.

This mini guitar provides you moderate sound at the time when the guitar player starts playing the higher notes.

Yamaha FS800 has the standard neck having the beautiful bolts for tightening the strings that make this mini guitar more comfortable and smooth.

The guitar for small hands comes with a nato back and sides as well as with the solid Sitka spruce top.

The notable features make this ¾ guitar more durable and it has the ability to compose the amazing tones.

In short, Yamaha FS800 a ¾ guitar comes with a beautiful shiny body made up of rosewood having six strings and has a strong grip.

This mini guitar has everything for guitar players.


  • Excellent for beginners
  • Less tuning needed
  • A higher value for the money
  • Provide a good feel at the playing time
  • Generate very good bass, resonance, and very clear sound
  • It stays in the tune for a long interval and it is too consistent.


  • Nato is considered for good tonewood while being lightweight.
  • Requires some changes and adjustment for high actions

I personally recommend you purchase min guitar to take a start for your musical career at a reasonable price because Yamaha does not disappoint the beginners.

6.Yamaha APXT2 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar comes in the black body color. it is a ¾ guitar that associated with a mini guitar family.

The material of the body top is spruce. The bridge and the fingerboard have the rosewood which makes the body of the guitar.

The ¾ guitar has six strings to generate great sound. The mini guitar in the black color provides you a great premium look. This ¾ guitar specially designed for the right-handed persons.

This is an excellent and most amazing musical instrument which can generate clear sound and you can purchase this ¾ guitar at a very low price.

Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Sized bestselling Acoustic-Electric Guitar which comes in black color and provides a premium shape and color.

The ¾ guitar may give you a great company during traveling due to its built. The guitar size is more fascinating which makes it portable and transportable.

This small guitar is considered very good and amazing while playing on the stage or any kind of live concert.

There are some notable features that are mentioned in this description. It is the mini guitar having the built-in tuner to set the tune electrically or manually.

The spruce top of this ¾ guitar makes this guitar so clean, stunning and shiny.

In addition, system68 electronics are fixed in this musical instrument as well as a gig back and the backpack also available.

The major features which I have observed make ¾ guitar more attractive. The first feature of this mini guitar is cutaway for easy top-Fret access.

The second key point or feature which makes it more famous is having control over the volume and tone manually.

The third one is a thin line body which designed for comfort and increases comfort. The fourth one is the pickup of contact.

These feature become ¾ guitar compact that creates it the amusing companion whenever you are on the road and or travels through bus or trains.


  • Price is very reasonable
  • The guitar size is ¾
  • System 68 pickup
  • Gigbag included


  • Sounds like ukulele
  • Laminate

7.Oscar Schmidt OG1-A-U 3/4-Size

Oscar Schmidt OG1-A-U 3/4-Size is an amazing mini guitar that provides a premium look and the guitar size is ¾. It is designed and made up for the right-handed persons.

The size and the shape of this acoustic guitar are great for children, college or university students. It is specially made for small hands.

The acoustic small guitars with the natural finish of a high gloss. The Fretboard of the ¾ guitar is fully engineered wood and the wood is rosewood.

The engineered wood fretboard mini guitar is perfect for the students and those people have small hands as well as for children. ¾ guitar comes in a wide range of color combinations.

There are many features of this ¾ guitar such as the tech or alternative or engineered wooden bridge and the fingerboard, ¾ sized, mini guitar, acoustic ¾ guitar along with the natural finish of the high gloss are very notable things, key points.


  • The size of the guitar is regular
  • The sound of ¾ guitar is great
  • The spruce solid top generate good sound
  • High gloss natural finish
  • Fingerboard
  • Lightweight
  • Gigbag is also available
  • Price is very reasonable


  • Requires some adjustments

Students of high school, college or university give preference to purchase ¾ guitar because this is too much handy lightweight and portable.


One thing you should keep in mind is that, make sure that you search for the best guitar that would really suitable for your body shape.

The reason is obvious, the suitable guitar would definitely make you feel comfortable playing it. As a result, the guitar would able to help you out in making nice music.

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