6 Electronic Drum Sets Review and Buyer’s Guide in 2020

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Excellent electronic drum sets would able to open up a completely new dimension to your style of drumming.

For this reason, it is undoubtedly if we say that the best electronic drum sets should consist of a balance between the price with the sound quality and the performance delivered by the drum set.

If you have to search for the best electronic drum sets, then you are coming to the right site!

This article covers up for the Top 6 electronic drum sets review & Buyer’s guide 2019 for you.

1.Roland TD-30KV

The most popular electronic drums throughout the world are known as Roland’s V-Drums, and the main reason for their fame is that they are the best.

Electronic Drum kit makes it is sound so clear, powerful.

Roland TD-30KV is best for beginners.

The electronic kit fixed in the electronic drum makes it powerful, which does the process on the sound as well as provide better quality music.

The electronic drum may easily transportable because of its weight. It is small and adjustable, but professionals may face some difficulties.

So, I have concluded that it is excellent and usable for the tutorials or in the classes.

Roland TD-30KV the electronic drum kit has many features that make more new dated and powerful musical instruments.

The key features of this electronic drum kits are very notable such as flagship V-Drums with enhanced sensing technology and amazing sounds.

As mentioned above, The Roland TD-30KV electronic drum kits made for starters.

It is specially designed for starters to practice and bring improvement in their skills.

In addition, the beginners or starter of playing electric drums may easily translate into the acoustic set with the help of cymbal chokes, techniques of hi-hat as well as the techniques of acoustic drum’s various supportive kit.

More importantly, the function of the onboard coach facilitates the beginner with the recorder and the metronome as well as provides a sound module having an input jack to practice with your favorite tracks.

The electronic drum pads are responsive in sense of the pads are adjustable on the user or drummer choice. It can be fixed in the small spaces in the room or any small cabin where you can easily play it.

The primary feature that provides you a notable facility to record your tracks into your computer or your smartphones with the help of USB cable.

You can easily play the tracks that saved into your computer through USB to make some changes in the records sounds and tracks.

Simply the proposed electronic drum kits are very excellent and amazing for the beginners to practice, so this electronic drum kit is most recommended to buy if you want to start your musical career.


  • An Electronic Drum kit used in the hardware of Roland Electronic drum.
  • The amazing thing is, Electronic Drum kit’s weight is only 30 pounds that makes it transportable.
  • The size of the Electronic drum is 37 x 18 x 13 inches that make smart.
  • The electronic drum kit process the sound as the player starts playing.
  • The provided foot pedal is also pretty good as well as is adjustable.
  • The Electronic drum kit provides extra features to play distinctive tempos. For example, the electric drum may be played for coaching or for composing songs by using the tempos.


  • The electronic kit is no connectable with a Laptop or computer.
  • Roland Electronic Drum has direct recordings as well as have no midi interface but only USB port.
  • It does not work with Rock band ps4.

2.Simmons SD9K Electronic Drum Sets

The Simmon SD9K electronic drum kit is the next level setup that comes from the SD7K, with the sequencing capabilities as well as the enhanced features that provide the premium look and sound at an affordable price.

If we take a look at the enhanced features and capabilities of the electronic drum kit, it is a notable feature is that it will provide you realistic over 700 sounds.

The Simmons SD9K Electronic Drum Sets provide a stunning and premium look to the electronic drum player.

The beginner should start from it because it can provide over 700 sounds with the help of the electronic drum kits and the key processing technology in it.

If we take a look at the enhanced features and capabilities of the electronic drum kit, it is a notable feature is that it will provide you realistic over 700 sounds.

The main feature of Simmons SD9K electronic drum set is that it is connectable with both the platforms such as Windows 7 or later versions and Mac OS.

USB ports also fixed in the electronic drum sets.

Furthermore, the electronic drum kit provides you with good quality sounds at an affordable price.


  • The electronic drum kit provides you with over 700 realistic sounds.
  • A double pedal accommodated by the bass drum pad.
  • USB connectivity
  • Dual-zone snare pad as well as the choke capability introduced in the dual-zone cymbals.
  • Affordable price
  • SD card reader
  • Sequencer


  • The player may face difficulties during fixing the electronic drum set.

3.Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is a typical electronic drum set that provides the entire parts within a decent module along with huge alternatives to its sounds.

This Alesis Surge Mesh Kit is considered excellent for the beginners and intermediate.

In addition, this electronic drum may not cover all the basics when it comes to first-class playing.

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit has very notable features and a thing that is enough to make this electronic drum kit so amazing.

The notable features of electric drum kits are mentioned such as hi-hat, crash and ride of 3 x 10” cymbals, 3 x 8” tom pads, the snare pad based on dual-zone as well as the drum of a nitro drum.

The staters of the electronic drum kit from Alesis can make their own compositions very well.

Personally I am recommending you purchase the electronic drum kit of Alesis Surge Mesh Kit because it is very cheap but more instrumental. This is best for beginners or stater.


  • Three dynamic tom pads are fixed for the great natural and fell along with the drum pedal.
  • The rack of aluminum mounting keeps secure the Electronic drum.
  • The electronic drum setup having the electronic kit provides several sounds.
  • Having a very decent quality of the hardware for the price.
  • Excellent setup for beginners and intermediate.
  • The electronic drum setup may be expanded.


  • Difficulty can be faced to adjust the setup.
  • There is no dual-zone on the ride.

4.Roland TD-1kv Electronic Drum Kits

The Roland TD-1kv is an Electronic drum set for the high-quality drumming kit to practice your skills to be rock professional in the drumming music.

The proposed electronic drum kit is having the superior sound, including the incredible durability.

Simply, the electronic drum set (Roland TD-1kv) is considered high performance and gives you a professional feel.

The proposed electronic drum sets have many features and give you a wide range of various sounds and styles. The stater or the beginner musician can perform his skills and can improve by using it.

The proposed electronic drum kit is best for the intermediate level musicians to be a professional. It has some key plus and negative points which are enough to make it a stronger electronic drum set.

The beginner can also start their practice or rehearsal from the Roland TD-1kv to be professional because it will provide you some extra feature including the high-quality sound at a reasonable price.

The most notable features of Roland TD-1kv of electronic drum kits are described in this product description.

The Tom pads 3x, the percussion sound module of TD-1, 1x snare pad along with the mesh head as well as cymbal pad.

The key features of electronic drum kits are very notable such as 3x toms pads, 1x snare pad along with the mesh head, TD-1 percussion sound module as well as the one crash cymbal pad, which make it famous among beginners.


  • The electronic drum set (Roland TD-1kv) has the great snare of mesh
  • It can be compacted and fixed in limited spaces.
  • Provides you with the realistic and the natural feel
  • The electronic drums set having durability as well as the height is adjustable.


  • The electronic drum kit could not create the custom kits
  • The pedal quality is observed average but is maybe upgraded manually
  • Having no ability to choose the different sound of the drum

5.Roland TD-17KV-S Electronic Drum set

The Roland TD-17 KV-S electronic drum kit is the new dated and excellent musical instrument that is famous because of its build and sound quality.

The Roland made the v-drum series of the electronic drums lastest through making some changes.

Roland designed particular electronic drums for you to push you further along with tools of training.

The notable features of the electronic drum kit are the sound module based on 1 x TD-17 along with Bluetooth connectivity with your smart devices such as laptop computers and smartphones, 1 x PDX-12 snare pad and 3 x PDX-8 and the 100 drum kits.

There are many descriptive things and additional features of the Roland TD-17 KV-S electronic drum kit which are mentioned in this description.

A drum key, a special connection wire which connects the electronic kit to electrons drums as well as with the kick pads, a special mountable sound module and the AC adapter are available with the electronic drum kit.

During a rehearsal or playing electronic drums along with your team members of the band, you can connect your smartphone or with your laptop through Bluetooth to play your favorite songs and tracks.

In short, you can connect your laptop or smartphone device whether it is android based or IOS based wirelessly to compose high-quality tracks. It is helpful in live concerts.

The electronic drum kit is providing you more facilities in the sense of recording your own tracks and performances as well as you can save those recorded tracks into your computer or smartphone devices wirelessly via Bluetooth.

If you record your performance, you can also listen again through your electronic drum kit. The particular recording feature is introduced for your convenience to make some changes at the specific track time in the recorded sound.

Sometimes the practitioner or beginners may face some kind noise or may not listen to the sound of the recorded tracks clearly, Roland TD-17 KV-S electronic drum kit provides you a headphone jack where you can plug in your headphone to listen to tracks clearly.

Some base or beat problems may be occurred during listening, so that’s why Roland Electronic drum kit provides you a company’s smartly designed headphone that is specially designed to listen to the music.

So by listening to your own composed tracks, you can bring improvements into your recorded tracks.

I personally recommend you to buy TD-17 KV-S electronic drum pads kit to become a professional.


  • Adjustable in small room spaces.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Record your own tracks
  • Portable


  • Difficult to assemble again
  • Expensive

6.Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

The Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit is the 8 pieces electronic drum kit which placed everywhere in the future generation technology of Alesis Mesh head drum.

The features of the Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh kit the electronic drum kit enlightened such as the 8” mesh toms and the 8” of dual-zone mesh snare drums.

In simple words, the electronic drum kit set has everything which makes it a complete electronic drum kit such as hi-hat and the kick pedals.

I have found this electronic drum kit beneficial for the professional. It is excellent during live concerts.

Some features make it stronger because this electronic drum kit is considered excellent in the music tutorials and classes.


  • Enhanced features
  • Volume controller
  • Durability
  • Recording
  • Different tempos and sounds
  • Connectable with Laptops and computers.
  • Affordable price


  • Difficulty to adjust the setup because of pieces.


Some of the drummers might choose the electronic drum sets designed for the beginners. On the other hand, some might prefer to search for an electronic drum kit designed for professional players.

Well, no matter what your purpose, keep in mind that there is no single product designed to suitable for everyone.

Thus, the electronic drum set that best for others, might not even suitable for you.

Hence, remember to take your time and search the most suitable one for you to play.

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