5 drum set for kids buyer’s guide & recommended in 2020

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This article will help you choose the best drum set for your kids. Let’s see.

Do you think your children have unique musical talents? If you accept that you should not overlook it because sometimes children are good at work that they have natural expertise.

It is true that people have natural affinities and if they work on them, they can get even better. In the world today, music has become very important

Probably, it has also become an integral part of life and a drum-set is the best musical instrument for children who like to create rhythms by tapping on their closest things.

However, there is one hurdle that you have to face when you purchase a drum set for kids. There is a large variety of drum sets and selecting the best one can be quite difficult.

It is like picking out a green ball from countless other balls. In order to help you in choosing the most reliable and high-quality drum-set for kids, we have selected some of the best drum sets for your kids.

Following are the five-best drum-sets:

1.Ludwig Junior 5 Piece Drum Set for Childs

The smooth feel of Ludwig’s 5-piece junior drum set is enough to inspire beginner drummers to enter the world of music. It includes a small throne, hi-hat stand, cymbals, and tunable heads.

This children’s drum set is completely user-friendly. Basically, this drum set easy to use. This is why that drum set is ideal for children. The first attractive thing in that drumset for children is its color.

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Ludwig 5-piece is useful for those that wanted to learn music. It is the best way to start and motivate your music-making skills.

This drum set for kids completely furnished with tunable heads. Its name suggests that this drum consists of five main drums. Moreover, the best thing in the drum set is its strands.

The strands are made up of straight cymbal, hi-hat, snare strands. This is the children are unable to break it and also it will save them from any damage.

This drumset for toddlers is made with all tools that are good for the new music beginner. The height of that drumset is not high, so it is ideal for children that are under 5 feet.

The hardware of this drum is durable, and it will not be affected by children’s efforts.

Furthermore, rims of that drumset are Triple Flanged and contain junior throne. With all these parts, this compact drum-set for kids has everything that a kid needs. The bass drum is 16″ which makes it perfect to mount the 10″ and 8″ toms.

The Ludwig 5-piece junior drum set is an incredible learning tool for rookies. It doesn’t only have the style but it also has the quality.

Some of its features include:

  • Throne
  • Kick Pedal
  • Snare strands, hi-hat, and straight cymbal
  • 10“ hi-hats
  • Snare drum of 4“x 12“
  • Tom of 5“x 10“
  • Tom of 5“ x 8“


  • Exceptional experience and quality
  • Highly durable
  • Flexible hardware and shells
  • Perfect suitability


  • No directions for assembly

2.GP Percussion GP55BK 5-Piece

Just as the name suggests, this drum-set is designed for rookie drummers between the ages of 4-8 years.

This Drum set for kids is consists of 5 drums. The weight of this item is completely light for the toddles 40.9 pounds. This Drumset is completely suitable for the kids.

The reason is that all the tools are perfectly arranged. Of course, if you want to learn music, you can start it through this drumset.

Furthermore, this product is not made for children under three-year-old. This product is provided with all the instruments and things. You just need to open the product, assemble it, and start using it.

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This Drum set for beginners and starter comes with 8 to 10 inches ride toms and 12-inch tom and also 16-inch bass drum.

The sound of these drums is high. The best thing is that this drumset is extremely flexible and easy to use. Moreover, this product is not perfect for international shipping.

This Drum set for kids is given with a comprehensive user manual. This beginner drum set also contains a bass drum pedal. The drumheads are presented with a clear logo of the brand.

This starter drum set is absolutely ideal for those that wanted to practice music and create it. This drumset for kids is made of the best quality.

You can check the originality of this set by looking at the badge visible on the drums. Moreover, its drums are quite stylish as they are made from real wood.

Surprisingly, it also has drum heads which you can tune accordingly. This drum-set comes with stands, cymbals, hardware, and even a drum throne. This way, a kid has everything that he needs to start making music.

You can consider it one of the best drum-sets for kids. In addition to it, the GP junior drum-set is durable enough to last years without breaking.


  • This junior drum-set has all the pieces which a kid needs to start making music
  • In addition, it available in four different and vibrant colors
  • It is durable enough to endure a beating from a kid without breaking


  • It is possible to upgrade drum heads because they are entry-level

3.Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece Complete Kit

Mendini children drum-set is actually a unique drum-set for kids. It is one of those drum-sets which both beginners and serious players can use.

Additionally, it is not only durable but also affordable which makes it one of the best drum-sets for beginners. If your child has the dream to become a professional drummer in the future, then this product is perfect.

The best part is that this drum set is quite light in weight and only 16 inches tall. This shows that there will be no trouble for small kids. This is also for the ideal choice for the beginner if they wanted to learn professional music.

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This drumset comes with complete setup instructions. Like other drum sets, this toddler drum set also came with five drums. The material used for the manufacturing of this drum is wood. There is no need for any battery for operating the drums.

All features of this drum are completely suitable for the children. The drumsticks are made up of wood. That means it is completely easy to use for children.

This drumset always came with long durability because it is perfectly arranged for the small kids. The color choice for this product is also attractive for the kids.

There is no bass pedal in that drum. We can say that its design fits both aspiring and entry-level drummers. Furthermore, this junior drum-set is reliable, durable, and quite simple to play.

Although it includes poplar shells with lamination, you can get quality sound with deep dynamics and resonance.

Its features include:

  • Kick pedal
  • Cymbals stand and double-braced snare
  • Wooden drumsticks
  • Drum throne with adjustable height
  • Hit-hat of 5“
  • Floor tom of 16“ x 16“
  • Matching snare drum of 14“ x 5.5“
  • Tom toms of 14“ x 8“ and 13“ and 9“
  • Bass drum of 22“ x 16“


  • Amazing finish with stunning visuals
  • High-quality and reliable construction
  • Beginner drum-set includes all instruments
  • Additionally, it has efficient tom drums with deep resonance


  • It takes a lot of time to set it up

4.Gammon 5-Piece Junior & Starter Drum Kit

The hardware of this drum is quite ideal because it is made up of high Gloss Black Finish. The best thing about this drumset for kids is that it is available at quite cheap rates. This drumset is specially made for those children that are completely careless.

This drum set for kids has everything that you required for starting to make your own music. It’s for kids always came with 5 drums. This starter drum-set provides children with a window to create inspiring music.

Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Set offers great instruments and features for supporting kids in creating a rhythm of their own. Besides offering drumsticks and cymbals, it is designed with durability. It has drum shells with a real wood finish and it is capable of withstanding beatings from children.

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Furthermore, this drum-set for kids is capable of lasting for a long time. The size of this drumset is quite ideal for the children. This is one of the best drumsets for the beginners that is available in the market. In that drumset, there is a set of proper instruction through which your child is able to learn music quickly and efficiently.

It also includes a DVD through which the children are able to learn easily. The choice of colors is made according to the children. The reason is that children always attracted to dark colors.

One of the top quality features of this drum is that its petals are adjustable. Another thing if the user wanted to add more drums to this drumset for kids then it can be possible for him. This drumset for kids always came with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • This drum-set for kids is available in different colors
  • It is quite affordable with high quality and durability
  • The drum-set for kids appears to be real and not just a toy
  • Thus, a perfect instrument for perfecting skills


  • Cymbals might not have a good sound

5.Rise by Sawtooth Full-Size Student Drum Set

Rise by Sawtooth is comparatively new in comparison with its other drum-sets. This is one of the best brands for a drumset for kids. This drum-set for kids is a poplar drum-set of 6-ply which offers incredible sounds.

This drumset contains 22 x 16 bass drum, and its toms are about 12×8 and 13×9. Its floor Tom is about 16×16 inches. What makes us choose this drum-set for kids is because of its durability and deep sound.

It is not only stylish but also offers everything that a kid needs to improve his drumming skills. Its hardware includes drum key, drumsticks, floor tom legs, tom arms, and throne.

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It also includes a throne, bass drum pedal, 2 tier cymbal stand, and hi-hat stand. The hardware of this drum is reliable for those that never use things with care. This is also one of the best student’s drum sets.

The sound of this drumset is perfect, and its echo never affected the ears. The drum sticks are made up of pure wood. This makes the sound more perfect than any other drumset for kids. This drumset is made especially for future rock stars. The bearing edges are located at 45 degrees.

The most important feature of this drumset is that it can be upgraded for the beginners and Zildjian ZBT. For them, they just have to change the Hi-Hats and crash rides.

The choice of colors is quite perfect for the children. The shipment time for this drumset is also perfect.

If someone has a passion for becoming one of the best drummers. Then this drumset for children is the best option for them. This junior drumset always came with a limited lifetime warranty


  • This drum-set for kids is durable
  • It produces deep resonating sounds
  • Moreover, it comes in different colors


  • No set-up instructions
  • Hardware might not be stylish


Thus, these are the five best drum-sets for kids and rookie beginners. You can choose the drum-set which fits your requirements from this list and surprise your kid! Choosing a drum-set for kids can be quite tough but now, you don’t have to worry about that.

There is just one thing that you should keep in mind, all of these drum-sets might appear to be similar but their specs are different and so is the resulting sound.

The cost varies according to the specifications. Therefore, you should choose the one which you deem right for your kid.

All of these drum sets for children consist of five drums. Moreover, their material is quite fine for the toddles because they use it without care. Their key features are almost the same in every drum.

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