6 best classical guitars under $500 review and buyers guide 2020

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Are you looking for the best classical guitars? I know, it’s quite overwhelming for you to find the best classical guitar that works best.

If you are in the guitar market, there are hundreds or thousands of guitars out there that make you confuse.

What is the most suitable classical guitar to pick? How to choose the best one?

Let’s find the most suitable guitar by reviewing 6 best classical guitars that are absolutely enjoyable to play.

1.Cordoba C7 SP Acoustic Nylon String top Classical Guitars

Let’s start the discussion with the traditional classical guitar, having a design with nylon string.

The C7 classical guitar is featuring a handmade and traditional binding to give it a style of hand-inlaid wooden.

The back and side of this nylon string classical guitar are designed with rosewood from India.

C7 classical guitar has a classical body that brightens its beauty. The top body of a classical guitar is built with Solid European spruce.

The elegancy of this guitar gets revitalizes by the high gloss finishing of polyurethane.

If you are looking for a suitable classical guitar for beginner use, the Cordoba C7 SP Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar is a great choice for you.

The manufacturing of guitar provides you with tonewoods to bring out the best resonance for each note.

Have a look at some notable features of C7 Classical guitar at a glance;

  • C7 classical guitar gives you quality tonewoods with a lively touch.
  • The traditional design of C7 classical guitar can capture your attention
  • C7 classical guitar satisfies your desire for vibrant playability.

If you are looking for a guitar that is easy to handle and smooth to play, the option of Cordoba C7 SP Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar would be the best option.

This easily works for you especially if you are a beginner player.


  • There is gig bad inside
  • Sides are designed with Indian rosewood
  • Offers lively tune
  • Excellent instrument for projection
  • Easy to handle
  • Well-designed strings to use
  • Impressive craftsmen ship
  • The addition of rosewood is just perfect to mend the sound.
  • Electric version
  • Reasonable price


  • Having a wide neck that might be too wide for beginners
  • Low quality of blended pick-up system that could affect pickup quality

With all these specifications and features, Cordoba C7 SP Acoustic can be the complete package for you if you are a beginner.

2.Alhambra 6 String Classical Guitar (1OP-US)

Alhambra classical guitar having 6 strings is the perfect classical guitar for intermediate players.

Alhambra classical guitar is featured with rosewood binding with the finishing of gloss look. The detailed design of Alhambra classical guitar offers you the tone combination of punchy and warm cover.

The Alhambra, of course, as stunning in looks with the touch of the rosewood fingerboard, gold plated machine and Ziricote sides and back.

The thin body of Alhambra classical guitar is flawless professional s too, having a narrow body manufactured by special wood of Spain.

The cutaway design and pleasant playability for sure captured your attention. Remarkably, the characteristics are similar to string guitar, having nylon strings to give a pleasant tone.

Impressive to know that Alhambra classical guitar comes with an awful reinforcement of fish-man Pro-Blend, and pickup microphone.

The bag is also included with the high-quality Alhambra classical guitar.

Alhambra classical guitar is the best –selling guitar with a wide range of strings to play.


  • Design of cutaway classical guitar
  • Pickup microphone
  • Classical electric guitar and body design
  • Fan-shaped pattern
  • Finishing with a natural gloss
  • Having gold tuning machines
  • Packed in a hard-shell case


  • Bulky is size

Wow! Don’t think too much and go to but this awesome instrument of musically

3.Yamaha CG182C Solid Cedar Top Classical Guitar

The next classical guitar in our list is the splendid guitar Yamaha CG182C Solid Cedar.

You can say that the series of Yamaha classical guitar is the successor, for now, categorizes in variety.

Among the list, perhaps, Yamaha CG182C Solid Cedar is the best classical guitar that offers excellent quality.

The designing of Yamaha CG182C is covered with rosewood sides and back.

If you find a classical guitar with perfection, go for Yamaha CG182C as the rich earthy base and corners pleased you with a smooth tone.

Let’s talk about the specification of this classical guitar. Its manufacturing is highlighted by the inclusion of wood and soundhole that enhance the sound.

Yamaha CG182C specifically uses by craftsmen, helps to develop a high quality of sound.

Ongoing deep to the features of Yamaha CG182C, solid cedar from America is used for the top of the guitar. The cherry on the cake is the Nato neck style with ebony fingerboard.

Yamaha designed the series having consideration of high tone and classical performance. The lightweight of Yamaha CG182C makes it easy to hold for long.


  • Offering mosaic design with the finishing of the rosette
  • Dressed in white peg tuners, having the beauty of the mother-of-pearl
  • Light Flatpicking
  • High durability and impressive sound tone
  • Separate case available


  • Unavailability of Guest case padding

Yamaha CG182C is the dream instrument for those who love to create high-quality sound by classical guitar. So, go and get it now.

4.La Patrie Guitar, Etude

Although La Patrie Guitar is not that popular nowadays the durability and pleasant sound of that classical guitar cannot be beaten by any of the guitars.

True enough! There are some models of La Patrie Guitar still used by professionals. You can say that La Patrie Guitar is one of the most convenient bangs of classical guitar.

If you are going to search for the best models of classical guitars, don’t forget to include La Patrie Guitar in this.

It makes sense for La Patrie Guitar to be popular as it offers a moderate price range.

Detailed working on body and neck makes La Patrie Guitar a mahogany piece of elegance. Its popularity is due to the hand-built manufacturing that stands it out to an impressive level.

As we know that La Patrie Guitar is a classical guitar. Thus, provides you with finely balanced music that flows with the fingerpicking.


  • Lacquer finishing
  • Soothing tone
  • The beauty of hand-built craft
  • Compact to use
  • Affordable string guitar


  • Intonation
  • Unmarked frets

If you are interested to use sort of instrument professionally, then you will definitely need La Patrie Guitar.

5.Kremona 6 String Acoustic Guitar (S65C)

Kremona guitars, the pure symbol of musicality and tonal colors, having crafted design with western red sides.

If you are a guitarist and want to have a guitar of tradition voice must go with Kremona guitars.

Amazing features of Kremona guitars includes balances sound and focused tones that are guitarist’ basic requirement.

Have a look at some more features; this particular guitar is designed with a solid spruce top, with the authentic bone and saddle.

One of the best classical guitars is considered as the best choice for guitarists. It works with the help of saddle and bone nut contributes to give the best pleasant sound.

It would surprise you that Kremona guitars offer you a mixed range of tones covering jazz, pop, classical and fizzing.

Additionally, Kremona guitars have brass machine heads attached with high tension strings for better playability. You can simply call these types of guitar as the best classical guitar to use.

The features of Kremona guitars are complemented by the classical look of the guitar, having an attractive full size.

The beauty of this classical guitar can be defined by solid cedar top, rosewood top and bottom, medium and high tension strings and by gold plated machine heads.


  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Durable built-in
  • Attractive design with detailed exterior
  • Easy to use
  • Gigbag with dual-pocketed padded


  • Some minor flaws in finishing

It is suggested you get Kremona as this will give you the sound of the more expensive guitar for sure.

6.Yamaha CGX122MSC Classical Acoustic

You can say that Yamaha CGX122MSC Classical Acoustic-Electric Guitar is the perfect melodious instrument designed upon the requirement of guitarist.

Focusing on the techniques of craftsmen, Yamaha CGX122MSC offers notable features including fingerboard, rosewood bridge, and tuning machines.

Additionally, Yamaha CGX122MSC offers you versatile control sounding to help you in balancing the tone. This is to notify you that Yamaha CGX122MSC can be used be by the student as well as pro.

Some glance of Yamaha CGX122MSC includes versatile tone control, the classical theme of guitar, and sounding spruce top.

One of the highlighted glimpses of Yamaha CGX122MSC is the feasibility of its usage. It provides low action and moderate playability for convenience.

You can’t resist yourself to buy Yamaha CGX122MSC as if it offers fret cutaway body, built-in tuners, and 3-band EQ.

Additionally, it provides you with a solid spruce top and rosewood fingerboard to get an accurate response.


  • The natural and resonant sound
  • Accurate and required response
  • Versatility control overtone


  • No case

Thus, when it comes to affordable quality, you need to go for Yamaha CGX122MSC.


Impressive! That’s the great line up of best classical guitars under $500.

The understanding of these cool musical instruments helps you to choose the most suitable guitar among them.

If you really like the departure of classical guitar and if missing the traditional style of a classic guitar, then go to get any one of the guitars according to your requirement.

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