Best Bass Guitar for Beginner Review Before buying (Top 6 in 2020)

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How to choose the best bass guitar for a beginner?

The best bass guitar would, no doubt, feel comfortable for you when you hold it in your hands. It would also deliver a fantastic sound and embraced feel which you can visualize even before you start to play it.

These are must-included features of a bass guitar to be called as the best bass guitar.

Have you ever heard a myth saying that “it would take a unique person to play the bass guitar”? Well, to be noted here, those words are totally correct! Why?

The reason is due to, as a bass player, there is a quiet pride in getting to know that, while the other musicians are busy in showing off their expertise, a bass player is basically the one who does the actual work of synchronizing all together so that a great harmony of music would be created.

Yes, undoubtedly, it is a pride to be a professional bass guitar player and showing your skill and presentation in front of the audience.

Or, if you are just eager in learning to become a great bass guitar player and make it as your hobby, then it would be an exciting experience for you as well.

So, if you are interested in becoming a great bass guitar player, well you would need to be a beginner player first though.

As a starter, there will be a time when you would get confused in choosing an ideal bass guitar which suited you.

Then you might have no idea whether to choose a 4 string, 5 string, or maybe 6 string. Hence, you might even have no idea about what a bass guitar really is.

To help you out in this situation, this article presents the guidelines for you to make the right decision in choosing a correct bass guitar to begin your journey as a bass guitar player.

Here are the 6 best bass guitar for beginner buyer’s guide & review

1.Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar (GSRM20BS)

The Ibanez 4 String Bass guitar is a very good bass guitar that is made for right-handed persons.

The number of the string in the bass guitar is 4. It is very popular in music bands.

This is formed by the Popular material as well as the material used in the neck of a bass guitar is GSR4.

The bass guitar is very beautiful shape-wise that has a radius of 12 inches.

In short, the particular bass guitar is considered so good to compose the music tones.

Mine recommends this bass guitar to you. It provides you high-quality sound, and yes, you should purchase this bass guitar.


  • Fast and slim Maple neck
  • Poplar body
  • GSR4 material for its neck
  • 12 inches radius
  • Short scale 28.6
  • Dynamic P pickup


  • 4 strings bass guitars are best and handy
  • Its 12 inches radius provides you with the best grip
  • Available backpack
  • Available in a very reasonable price
  • Its neck provides you more speed for playing


  • Its flat sound
  • There are some issues such as volume knob issue
  • Not suitable for left-handed players

So, after taking some observations, I would like to say that this is the best bass guitar for you due to its handier having a radius of 12 inches.

Thus, it would be easier for you to play and compose the newer tone.

Even though the sound quality is good, but sometimes, you may face some kind of issue as well.

For example, there is an issue within its volume knob. But overall, the performance of thisIbanez 4 String Bass Guitar, Right, Brown Sunburst (GSRM20BS) is good.

2.Ibanez TMB100 4-String Electric Bass Guitar

The next best bass guitar for beginner to choose is Ibanez TMB100 Electric Bass Guitar is very popular in the music industry. It has many features like its popular body and medium frets.

The chrome hardware feature in this bass guitar is very good. The white dot inlay on the body of the guitar is very good which makes this bass guitar more attractive.

The four-string is fixed in the bass guitar and thing neck will provide you more speed. I love this bass guitar personally, you should purchase this bass guitar for your music band, or the tutorial classes.


  • 4-string bass guitar
  • Electric bass
  • TMB4 Maple material for its neck
  • Its body is made of Mahogany
  • Its Fingerboard is made of Rosewood
  • Acrylic block inlay
  • Medium frets


  • It has a lightweight
  • Very handy
  • It’s fingerboard fixed on thebody
  • Ideal for players with smallhands
  • Easy to carry around


  • Some players complaint in experiencing fret buzz

Due to the TMB4 maple material fixed in the neck, it will provide you more speed. The fingerboard such as rosewood is also fixed on the body.

This bass guitar is very handy. Weigh of the bass instrumental with 4 strings guitar is very light which makes this guitar transportable.

3.Ibanez 4 String bass GSRM20SLB

The Ibanez GSRM 4 String Bass guitar is a very nice bass guitar, as well as the bass color of the guitar, which is very attractive.

The fast slim maple neck of the bass guitar will provide you more speed of playing. The weight of the 4 string bass guitar is very light which makes it portable.

The bass guitar is formed for especially the right-handed persons.

There is a bolt neck available in the guitar. You can tighten the strings of the bass guitar. The more attractive color of the guitar is chrome. I recommend you to buy it. It is available at very reasonable prices.


  • Lightweight and compact body
  • Dynamic P pickup
  • Fast and slim maple neck
  • Double Cutaway
  • 4-string bass guitar


  • It’s unique size and dimension suits for beginner players
  • Fixed bridge system
  • Popular body


  • No accessories included when you purchase the guitar
  • Not suitable for left-handed players

The neck of the guitar makes it smarter as well as the player of the guitar can enhance his playing speed on because of the neck.

Mind recommended this 4 string bass guitar since it is really good and handy for the users or the players of a bass guitar.

4.Yamaha TRBX305 WH TRBX-305 5 string

This five-string bass guitar is created around a very simple principle – your capability and performance.

It is an ultra-comfortable and balanced bass guitar with an ultra-comfortable and a fast 5-piece mahogany neck offers rosewood fingerboard offers the optimum tonal foundation.

Meanwhile, the active circuitry of Performance EQ provides instant access to stage-ready tones.

They are coupled with the expressive control that you need.

Other appointments involve black nickel hardware and die-cast tuners which are both stylish and functional.

Its M3 pickups seem to feature ceramic magnets and oversized pole pieces for a powerful and clear tone. What makes it one of the best bass guitars is its depth and definition.

Moreover, the hum-canceling design seems to ensure that performance is noise-free and clean. It should not be ignored that unrivaled playability is offered by the integral thumb rest.


  • 5-string bass guitar
  • Its body made of Mahogany material
  • 34 inches of its scale length
  • Number of frets: 24
  • Its fingerboard made of Rosewood material
  • 23.6” radius


  • A sleek design with its 5 string features
  • Deep resonance with a powerful tone
  • Comfortable Rosewood material for it’s fingerboard


  • Some players might not find it as a lightweight bass guitar

5.Squier by Fender Affinity Jazz Electric Bass

The Squier Affinity Jazz Bass is capable of making you dive into the tone, playability, and looks designed by Fender.

Comfortable and fast playing is offered by this Jazz Bass which means that you can practice for numerous hours without getting tired.

It has various volume knobs for Jazz Bass pickups which enable you to dial in a variety of bass tones for any music style.

With twenty medium jumbo frets and rosewood fingerboard, this bass is created for being an enjoyable and reliable practice partner.


  • Dual single-coil Jazz bass pickups provide clear bass tone
  • The modern “C” shaped neck for more comfort and style of playing
  • Contain the Fender’s DNA as an iconic instrument
  • 20 frets
  • Its fingerboard made of Rosewood material


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • It’s has a long-term durability
  • Offers a variety of bass tone to play with
  • Best value in instrument design
  • It’s modern “C” shaped neck provides more comfortable and style


  • Needed to be upgraded to improve it’s sound

6.Ursa 1 JR RN PK EB Bass Guitar Package

The bass guitar having a splendid and powerful bass along with the excellent quality of sound available.

The bass colors are stunning as well as it has a dual cutaway body. And the 4 strings of the bass guitar so pretty look wise and grip wise.


  • Solid wood body
  • Authentic vintage sound
  • Dual Cutaway shaped body
  • 21 Jumbo frets
  • Ultra-fast Rosewood fretboard
  • Accessories include: amp, bass bag, cable, strap, and online video instruction


  • The backpack and cover are available
  • Extra strings are also available
  • Lightweight
  • A perfect package for the young beginner and adult
  • It’s comes with amp instruction
  • Authentic vintage sound
  • Bolt-on maple neck built with truss rod provides stability


  • Some beginners might find it difficult to play this bass guitar

After taking some kind of observations, I have concluded that the 4 strings bass guitar is very handy, useful to compose more tone for your music tracks.

The material is used in the formation of a bass guitar is so much pretty which makes it more attractive.

In addition, this is an amazing bass guitar constructed with the highest frets, along with its contoured body which allows you to feel comfortable playing it for hours.

Thus, Ursa 1 JR RN PK EB Blue Bass Guitar is definitely worth to be listed in one of the best bass guitars for you to choose since it includes all the accessories that you need to play the bass guitar.

Yes, once you purchase the package, then you would get to some accessories such as an amp, bass bag, cable, and also strap.

But the most important thing is, you would also get online video instruction to make you easier in learning this bass guitar!


Most of the beginner bass guitar players would prefer to use the 4-string bass guitar rather than the 5-string ones.

The reason is due to the 5-string bass guitars are not quite a beginner-friendly bass guitar for you in your learning phase.

Another essential point for you to consider is that when you have to choose which bass amp that would support your guitar playing, then you could choose bigger ones since they are usually better.

Also, remember to pick combo amps rather than a separate “head and cab.” The reason is that the combo amps would give you enough power throughout 3 or 7-band equalizers.

On the other hand, those combo amps might be challenging for you to use. So, if you want to start from the easiest one, then a 15W amp would be ideal for you.

However, if you want to play along with your friends, then you should go for a bass amplifier from 90 to 220 Watt since the bass amplifier with this size would able to assist you through most practices, and at the same time, this amplifier would still able to strive with any abhorrent electric guitars.

So, it is all up to you now. Whether you are going to decide in purchasing a top-rated bass guitar for professional, or if you are going to decide in buying the cheap one first for your learning phase.

One thing to keep in mind is, make sure that you choose a perfect bass guitar which will support your learning phase to become a professional bass guitar player.

Have a nice learning!


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